fox and rabbit tattoo meaning [ explained]

A rabbit and fox are traditional symbols of wisdom. Foxes versus rabbits is a battle that is thought to represent the struggle between logic and emotion. For this reason, this tattoo serves often as a reminder to find balance between these two opposite sides of the brain.

fox and rabbit tattoo

If you’re looking for a tattoo with a deep and symbolic meaning, then consider getting at least one of these animals!

What’s the meaning behing fox and rabbit tattoos ?

First, let’s see the meaning behind each symbol separately

Fox tattoos

The fox often symbolizes cunning, cleverness and perceptiveness. Foxes are known for their intelligence and make ideal symbols of wisdom. as stated in nextluxury

The fox tattoo is a symbol of slyness and mischief, a cunning, intelligent, and resourceful creature with lovable, roguish elements.

Fox tattoos are popular among the fairer sex – they wish to express their own intelligence, perception and understanding.

The fox tattoo is also used as a symbol of creativity – it can be used as a reminder to stay true to your own intuition or inner voice when making difficult choices.

In mythology and fables, foxes are often seen as evil or have negative connotations. This is not true for most of them in real life though.

Rabbit tattoos

Many cultures use the rabbit as a symbol of luck, fertility, and new beginnings. In some parts of the world, rabbits are considered to be “fertility spirits” that can produce offspring without mating. Other cultures associate them with sexual freedom and intimate relationships between partners.

a rabbit tattoo has symbolic meaning linked to fertility, physical prowess, and the manifestation of the divine in nature.

Rabbits are also associated with sexuality in some cultures. Pagans believe that these animals can help people who are unable to conceive children produce offspring. Some people with this belief have chosen to get a rabbit tattoo as a sign of fertility.

Some cultures also believe that rabbits can help people achieve inner peace, which is an important aspect of the Buddhist religion. Chinese and Japanese culture uses these creatures as symbols of spring and rebirth in their respective cultures. Rabbits are also thought to be symbols of luck for people living in the United Kingdom because they are believed to multiply wealth and luck.

Fox and rabbit tattoos

While foxes stand for intelligence, beauty, cunning, change, puzzles and trickery among other things, rabbits usually symbolize peace, fertility, love or luck and are also said to have a spiritual meaning about them.

Together, a fox and rabbit tattoo can be the symbol of a partnership between the two animals. They can represent a friendship or even a strange love between the predator and the pray.

It can also have a very deep meaning associated with balance and survival.

It has been found that when fox populations grow, the populations of rabbits decrease. This is because the rabbit is the prey of a fox. However, when the rabbit populations decrease, so does the population of foxes, due to their food source decreasing.These types of cycles and mysteries can be symbolic of problems with lovers or divorce.


fox and rabbit tattoo