Foxglove tattoo meaning and symbolism.

The foxglove is a beloved plant in gardens all throughout the world, its tall and graceful flowers acting as a perfect accent to anything it offs ides. But long before anyone had even dreamt of designing their own garden or hanging flower pots from their porch, people were already calling upon the majestic strength of this lovely little flower for its mystical powers.

Foxglove leg tattoo
Foxglove leg tattoo @bloodflowerstattoo

The name foxglove came form forlkore as stated in a florgeous article :

The common name for this flower, foxglove, is most directly tied to folklore. The flower’s name is a loose derivative of the phrase, “folk’s gloves” with “folk” referring to fairy folk. Some people believed that the fox wore these flowers as gloves so that he would not be caught while ransacking a chicken coop. – florgeous

The foxglove’s flowers are the source of the drugs Digitalis, which is used in many heart medications, and Digitoxin, which was used to treat cardiac arrhythmia in the past. The plant itself comes in several different varieties including white-flowered foxgloves , purple foxgloves , and red foxgloves.

Although it must be used carefully, the foxglove can help treat certain heart conditions by slowing down the heartbeat, allowing for a stronger more regulated beat. This practice dates back to ancient times when doctors mixed up various concoctions which included digitalis in order to improve circulation, strengthen the heart and increase breathing.

But foxglove tattoos don’t just remind us of the plants mystical, healing powers. Foxglove flowers also have a rich history in folklore and myth, most notably as a common ingredient in witches’ flying potions . It was believed that if one’s body came into contact with the juice of the purple foxglove blossoms, they would be able to fly off into the night on their broomsticks to have meetings with Satan where they would perform all kinds of magical rituals.

Because of this association with witchcraft, foxglove tattoos are sometimes seen as a symbol for rebellion or even evil intent. Thus, if you choose to get a foxglove tattoo, you may want to take the time to assure those around you that it doesn’t mean you’re out hunting for your next spell.

Foxglove tattoos also represent love and affection as well as eternal friendship. They remind us of our weaknesses and vulnerabilities and how we all need a little magic in our lives from time to time. Foxgloves are often given to those who are feeling weak, sickly or depressed as a sign of support and encouragement.

Foxglove tattoos are an excellent way to remind yourself to live life full out, not looking backwards with regret or forwards with fear, but being present where you are everyday, appreciating the beauty that is all around you.

Current foxglove tattoo ideas

Foxglove arm tattoo
Foxglove arm tattoo @ruthredtattoo


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Tattoo pattern on the leg of a woman from the waist to the knee.

Tattooed purple foxglove on the shoulder of a young girl under the white flowers of the lily of the valley.

The flower in the form of an elegant tattoo on the forearm.

A thin line drawing in black and gray, with a thin line of green leaves at the bottom. The delicate character is emphasized by the position of the flower on the wrist.

A small purple foxglove tattoo with detailed stalks and leaves is placed on the side of your breast.

The leafless plant head is drawn in minimalistic style along with thin branches which are filled with dots to create extra texture. The image looks good both as an independent design and as a part of a bigger picture.

A red, purple and green flower on the shoulder is drawn from wrist to shoulder in brightly colored lines. It can be used as a single flower or as a part of an entire composition with many plants drawn along the arm.