Frog tattoo meaning and symbolism

Sometimes referred to as “The Frog Prince,” the frog tattoo is a symbol of courage, good luck and life. 

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Frog tattoos generally represent the positive aspects of life such as strength and happiness.

Inked Magazine says: The frog has been an enduring image since ancient times and there are many different stories surrounding this symbol throughout history.

This design can be a great addition to a sleeve or back piece but it also looks great on its own because of its detailed nature. If you’re going for a brightly colored illustration make sure not to overlook realistic shading techniques. The finished product will look great and it won’t be too weighty.



“A frog tattoo is a perfect way to symbolize self-confidence and good luck,” says WildBillArt. “Carrying this image with you will help carry you through your life.”

Frog tattoos can also represent fertility, strength and good health. This cute design shows the subtle tale of an amphibian ready to take on any challenge that comes its way.

Since frogs are nocturnal animals, this piece would be best suited for the inner wrist or ankle areas because it’s lower placement ensures visibility at all hours of the day. We like how the artist has tied in the colors behind the frog and added butterflies along with clouds beneath its feet; everything blends together very nicely.


Frog tattoos can be a great way to show your love for the animal and nature as a whole.


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This design uses color and negative space to convey movement and action, it’s very effective. It’s also worth noting that this illustration has been placed on an angled surface so if you’re looking for something flat make sure you understand your artist’s vision before they begin.


Here we have an extremely vibrant frog tattoo design that uses pops of color to display energy and excitement. If you’re going for a bolder inscription then don’t be afraid of bright colors but if you go too wild with the hues it may look cartoony instead of compelling, keep that in mind! The frog is surrounded by a slew of flowers and leaves. These natural symbols make great complements and go well with the amphibian’s bright eyes and confident pose.


Frog tattoos can also be a sign of resilience; take this piece for example which is both cool and meaningful! This tattoo has many symbolic qualities such as happiness, prosperity, growth and courage. We love how it looks like the frog is climbing out of its old self (represented by the skull) to become something better — we’d say symbolizing overcoming adversity suits us nice!

Tattoos don’t always have to come in black ink but rather any color your heart desires and this one is no exception! Frog tattoos can also represent fertility and rebirth;

Inked Mag says: Frogs have been long associated with water and wealth due to their association with the moon goddess, Chang’e, who was said to gather lotus flowers in her basket which turned into tadpoles. She’d then release them into the river, thus creating a never-ending cycle of regeneration and prosperity.

The frog tattoo is a symbol of stability, resilience and strength. It’s not only a sign of good luck but also the ability to triumph over challenges. They signify prosperity and fertility as well. They often appear with water lilies or lotus flowers, like in this case, which is why they’re closely associated with the moon goddess Chang’e (who was said to gather these flowers in her basket).

In China there is a legend stating that when a frog dies its soul floats into the sky and becomes a star — in some cases it will be in one constellation and in others in another depending on how it lived its life; good deeds result in more dignified placement while bad actions mean your star is dimmer. It’s for these reasons that frog tattoos are so popular in Asia because of their connection with this legend!

Frogs aren’t exactly the first animal you think of when you want to get a tattoo but they can be really cool if done right.


We’ve all heard the phrase “If you want to find love, find a girl who plays with frogs” — but what does this mean? Why do we think playing around with frog figurines makes someone more desirable as a partner? Well, there’s no real answer here except that people can see these little guys as symbols of good fortune.


Back in the day people believed the world of spirits existed on another plane so they developed amulets and statues which were meant to protect them from harm. Frogs symbolized fertility and regeneration since they often had their eggs (or spawn as we call them) hidden away alongside water because of the famous moon goddess story. The Chinese also used frog amulets because they thought their croaking sounds could ward off bad luck; it’s safe to say that these guys were always considered great luck charms.


As you can see, there are many reasons why women consider frogs good luck and it doesn’t rely on what Westerners think — you can still find them in places like Mexico and Australia for example which is why we’ve included a few different ones here because we don’t want people to think we’re endorsing one specific type over another!