FTP tattoo meaning and symbolism

The FTP tattoo was first seen during the Vietnam War. When a soldier accomplished basic training, he received a tattoo that included his blood type and initials of his last name.

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Almost every soldier would receive this tattoo. The reason was because in case they were injured or killed, identifying them would be easier for their comrades to do.

However, the problem occurred when soldiers started receiving tattoos that were not identical with their blood type and initials.

To resolve the issue, the military decided to change the practice of giving FTP tattoos and allowed tattoos to be given on different parts of the body.

However, before this change was made, a soldier expressed his feelings through an FTP tattoo that says “F**k The Police”.

This is the reason why people ask about the meaning of FTP tattoos.

The term FTP can refer to many other things:

– File Transfer Protocol, which allows you to FTP into a remote location

– FileZilla, an FTP client

– Any of several wrestling techniques used by the likes of The Rock and Triple H

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