Galaxy tattoo meaning and symbolism

A galaxy tattoo is a beautiful and very special kind of tattoo. In recent years, space tattoos have been increasingly popular as people have become increasingly fascinated with the seemingly infinite expanse of outer space.

What does a galaxy tattoo mean?

A galaxy tattoo can symbolize many different things or ideas depending on the personal meaning it holds for you. Some generally agreed-upon meanings a galaxy tattoo can have are:

-Complete unity and connection with the universe.

-Eternity and infinity.

-Your spiritual path and beliefs.

-Life’s twists and turns.

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Galaxy tattoos are often misunderstood because they represent such a broad range of ideas and concepts, so before I can go any further, I want you to close your eyes for a moment and think about them.

Think about what a galaxy really is, how vast it is, the sheer enormity of all the stars in it…

Now think about your life, all its twists and turns. Some of you have had some pretty crazy stuff happen to you that has completely changed every part of your life. This too is your galaxy.

When you think about it, most of us are connected to space in one way or another whether we realize it or not, so for me personally this tattoo has a strong connection to my spirituality.

-Reminding us that we are all one, connected by time, space and matter.

A galaxy can symbolize aspirations and the patterns of tomorrow you are shaping through your beliefs. cafeausoul

-Knowledge of your place in the world, where you come from and where you’re going.

-Life’s continuous cycle of death and rebirth.

You don’t need to be all that spiritual or believe in any of the things I just mentioned to get a galaxy tattoo. A lot of people like space, stars and planets for their own sakes (for example because they’re inherently beautiful) and getting a galaxy tattoo is a great opportunity to show off your love for the amazing expanse that exists out there in the universe.

What makes someone get a galaxy tattoo?

Truthfully, anyone can get a galaxy tattoo. You don’t have to be special or spiritual or anything like that. All you need is an appreciation for the beauty of space and maybe even some understanding of science.

It’s not something reserved for astronauts and scientists; it’s for everyone.

Galaxy tattoos look amazing on practically everyone because they appeal to such a broad audience and can be made to work with so many different styles, which is why it’s the most popular tattoo in my shop at the moment.

Do galaxy tattoos work best on men or women?

Because they’re so universal, galaxy tattoos look good on anyone who appreciates space. Men or women can wear them with equal ease and it’s one of those tattoos that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of sex or gender.

Is it better to get a black or colored galaxy tattoo?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. You can get any color in your galaxy tattoo that you like whether it’s the traditional blue and purple or an all green version which is what I recently did with one of my very favourite tattoos.

When choosing between black and colored tattoos, there are pros and cons to both so try not to let those sway you.

People who like black tattoos tend to prefer the bold contrast between dark negative space and bright solid shapes while people who get colored galaxy tattoos are drawn to the vibrant colors, softer contrasts and subtle shadings.

For me though, it’s really about what appeals most aesthetically because I feel that these kinds of abstract pieces should be more about the art than what’s trendy.

What makes for a good galaxy tattoo design?

A great idea for your new piece is one that has visual simplicity but provides you with maximum control over the finished product because it gives you the freedom to create something really unique that no-one else will have.

One of my own tattoos, for example, is a relatively simple design in black but because the lines are clean and precise it’s incredibly special to me.

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