Garlic Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Garlic has a very old origin. In the ancient times, the Romans put it on their body to look more beautiful and young. For them, it was one of the most essential products for beauty care.

In another culture, the Egyptians used it as a kind of amulet attributed with magical power which protects from evil spirits or bad luck. They believed that the garlic has strong power to purify.

In ancient Greece, garlic was considered sacred to the god of death Hades; in medieval times, people believed that witches used it to cast spells on their enemies. In Russia during World War II, soldiers ate garlic before going into battle because they thought it would protect them from bullets.


Garlic was also used for medicinal purposes by the Chinese who made it a very popular product in their culture. They used it as an antioxidant, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory remedy or consumed it raw to strengthen the heart muscles.

What’s the meaning behind garlic tattoos ?

The main meaning behind the garlic tattoo is protection. It was usually made by women who are in danger and they wanted to protect themselves as well as their loved ones from scariness, dangerous and burglaries.

People who decide to get a garlic tattoo believe that it can serve as a kind of shield between them and evil spirits or bad luck. They think that wearing garlic around their necks will drive all negativity away. If you wear a necklace with garlic or carry it in your pocket, no bad energy will ever come your way.

garlic tattoo on the arm
garlic tattoo on the arm @nikavuchkova

The form of garlic is not relevant when it comes to this tattoo meaning. You can get the usual symbol or any variation that you prefer. There are no strict rules. The most important thing is that it looks pleasing, not scary to you and symbolizes protection for you.

Another meaning of the garlic tattoo can be described as fighting off things or people who are bothering you in your life. If someone is being a jerk towards you or making your life an unpleasant experience, wearing garlic around your neck will help

Common folklore used to be that garlic was helpful in warding off evil spirits and even vampires


What is the best tattoo color for a garlic tattoo ?

If you decide that garlic is your thing and you want to wear it as an accessory, then obviously white is the right choice. In this case, it symbolizes cleanliness and purity. If you have any skin problem or illness, it will also heal it.

If you are looking for protection and strength, then green is the right choice because it symbolizes nature, life and growth. It’s a color that fills us with hope.

What is the best tattoo placement for a garlic tattoo ?

Garlic is usually placed around the neck area, which is also known as the throat chakra . It’s believed that this place directly relates to your voice so it’s a good placement for protection.

You can have your garlic tattoo on your arm or chest because you want to have it visible at all times or just feel comfortable wearing it in that area. You can also get a small tattoo and wear it on your wrist or ankle beneath the watch or shoe to keep it safe and always with you.

It’s not really common to have garlic tattoos on other body parts such as back, leg, stomach but if you prefer wearing it in this place than go for it!

evil garlic tattoo
evil garlic tattoo @ dominic_achilles