Gas Mask Tattoo Meaning ( explained )

A gas mask tattoo is usually done with black ink, but can also be green or blue. The design typically involves eyeholes and often has the silhouette of an arrestable face with overalls and a mask.

Let’s see some popular meanings behind Gas mask tattoos :

1) I’m prepared

Gas Mask Tattoo

The best explanation for why someone would get such a tattoo is because it means they are prepared for any eventuality, no matter how extreme, from natural disasters to civil unrest, pandemics to war. Tattoos are, after all, a way of permanently marking yourself. “I’m ready for anything. Bring it on, life.” It is usually located on the neck or face, though can sometimes be elsewhere on the body.

2) Been through it all

Gas mask tattoos can also mean that someone has been through a difficult time in their life but came out victorious without their head hanging down

3) Blocking tears


Others have found it a very effective way to deal with the grief of losing a loved one by turning their emotions into something beautiful and symbolic — they took some of the pain and turned it into art with meaning behind it.

It can also have a more practical meaning: gas masks are often used for paintball. Because the face is an easy target, wearing a mask makes people targets for other players.

4) Survival to the fittest


Gas masks are used to protect against tear gas or pepper spray, or in some cases, even nuclear fallout. The purpose of the gas mask tattoo is to show that its wearer is prepared for any type of dangerous situation such as civil unrest and rioting, bombings and attacks by terrorists, or even acts of nature like earthquakes and tsunamis that could decimate entire cities.

It can also mean that the wearer is prepared to go on a journey and face any challenges that they may come across.

5) Personal meaning


People have their personal meanings behind the tattoo, so it might be something that was done before getting married (toxic relationship) or meant something to a significant other. Tattoos are permanent, so if a relationship falls apart, you won’t ever get rid of it. It could either be an important memory of a lost love, or something more in depth like: “No matter what they tell me about you, I will always love you“.

Gas mask bunny girl tattoo
Gas mask bunny girl tattoo @spacecattattoo

The gas mask tattoo is frequently worn by members of punk and goth subcultures, as well as fans of heavy metal music. It’s also found among military enthusiasts of all types, especially among former servicemen who were members of elite special forces units like the Navy SEALS.