Girl and moon tattoo meaning ( Empowerment or Mystery ? )

What do Girls and the moon have in common ?

A woman’s body and the female cycle are connected to the Moon and the Earth. A woman, through her menstrual cycle, goes through the different lunar energies (new moon, first quarter, full moon, third quarter). exploringyourmind

Girl and moon tattoo

Girl and moon tattoos are on the trend, they are feminine, cute, powerfull and very meaningfull.

Continue reading to explore the most popular meanings behind this tattoo

1) Women Empowerment

Like the sun moon and stars, women are reflectors of light.

Girl and moon tattoo

The moon is a celestial body that reflects the light of the sun, like women do to their men. They are a source of great life and energy.

2) The eternal feminine

The moon represents our inner self and intuition. It’s a feminine image which stands for our creative side, womanhood, fertility and abundance in every sense of the word.

Girl and moon tattoo

This is a tattoo that follows the principle of eternally feminine. Since women are supposed to be more creative and intuitive than men, it’s a symbol of the eternal feminine strength we all carry within us.

3) The lunar cycle

Girl and moon tattoo

The moon symbolizes lunar energy, but also gives us insight into our inner selves, as well as animalistic urges. This is why many people get the “Moon Phase” or “Lunar Cycle” tattooed on their body. It represents an individual’s emotional and physical cycle while they are menstruating, which coincides with the count of new moons in a calendar year.

4) Girl’s dreams and success

Girl and moon tattoo

The stars are said to symbolize dreams, especially children’s, which is why they are often pictured on canvas or silk as embellishments. In astrology, the moon and stars represent different areas of life that have a great impact on our character and well-being.

Girl and moon tattoo

It is believed that moon influences the emotional side of women, while the stars are believed to be important for male characters. Among other things, they relate to career and health.

5) Magic

The moon is also an ancient symbol of magic and mystery. The moon can represent our psychic nature, and it can also be a representation of the feminine creator.

Girl and moon tattoo

In Celtic imagery, the crescent moon was a symbol of the goddess who rules over all things in life, whether it may be having children or healing those that are sick.

6) Beauty

Moon tattoos are very pretty. They add a girly element to the design and make it look sweet, which is why many women like to get this tattoo on their ankle or upper back. This can make it seem as if magical qualities are present. Other than this, moon tattoos are also very popular.

Girl and moon tattoo

The moon is one of the most popular tattoo designs for girls. The phrase “the moon represents my mood” has been used by girls for years and continues to be popular today.

7) In memory of a loved one

Girl and moon tattoo

Girl and moon tattoos can be used to remember someone you love who has passed away. It could be a grandmother, mother, or sister, for example. This is a way of honoring the memory of that person by getting a tattoo in their honor.