Glasses tattoo meaning and symbolism

Tattoos featuring glasses have meaning and symbolism based on the meaning of the different types of glasses. Glasses, especially nice and expensive ones, suggest intelligence. Adorning a tattoo with eyeglasses can imply that the wearer possesses wisdom. The type of eyeglasses featured in a tattoo can also represent different things.

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The following list explains the basic types of eyeglasses and their associated symbolism:

  • Bifocals – The wearer possesses intelligence and understanding, in addition to wisdom.
  • Fashion glasses or sunglasses – Signifies mystery, secrecy, intrigue, glamor, parties, flirting with danger and risk taking.
  • Ironical glasses – The wearer takes nothing seriously.
  • Reading glasses – Signifies wisdom, prudence and thoughtfulness.
  • Spyglasses – Stealth, secrecy, espionage.
  • Tinted glasses – Indication of an artistic or creative person.
  • Trifocals – The wearer possesses intelligence, understanding and wisdom. This type of eyeglasses can also symbolize the wearer is wise beyond his years.
  • Welding goggles – Signifies hard work, strength and manliness. The wearer expects no mercy in their chosen career field.

There are many other meanings associated with eyeglasses depending on the type of glasses represented in a tattoo design. Symbolism related to eyewear can be used to represent the intellect, wisdom, hard-working nature and strength.

Glasses are also associated with intelligence, which can indicate the wearer possesses a high level of intelligence. People who wear glasses are usually intelligent and the symbolism inherent in the eyeglasses highlights this meaning.

Another reason to represent glasses on a tattoo would be because someone believes their loved one approaches life intelligently and possesses wisdom. An elderly loved one may choose to wear glasses on their skin to reflect their age and experience, as well as hint at their wisdom.

Besides symbolism, there are many other reasons people choose to wear glasses tattoos, including the following:

* They may personally need to wear glasses and wish to display this fact on their skin.

* A loved one wears glasses and they want to show their affection or commemorate them with a lasting tribute of ink on their skin. This is especially common for sons and daughters who wish to pay homage to their parents or grandparents. They may choose to depict an image of their loved one wearing glasses on the skin as a reminder of them.

* A person might want to wear glasses because they simply feel they look great on their skin. People with tattoos often wear designs that express their personality, tastes and interests.

* They might simply want to wear glasses because they feel it will make them look cool or fashionable.

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A tattoo with a pair of eyeglasses can be symbolic or decorative. A wearer can decide what message is conveyed in their skin art. The type of design chosen, the style and embellishments rendered on the eyeglasses themselves all contribute to the symbolism of the tattoo.