Godson Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

Godson Tattoo is much more than being your relative’s tattoo, it will be always a reminder that someone once cared (or still do) to enter into the world of tattoos.

Godson tattoos are often viewed as a remembrance of parental responsibilities and duties. Those who did not have the opportunity to know their godparents could use this type of tattoos as a way to honor their memory.

This tattoo maybe a typical example of the importance given by the parents to godparent’s duty and responsibilities, skull images or other famous faces are usually included in this touching design.

In general, Godson Tattoo designs will include names underlined by heart symbols, colors that represent parental affection such as red and pink, while images of skulls represent danger and life’s mysteries.

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Godson Tattoo Designs

A godson tattoo is a design that memorializes your relationship with the child of one of your friends or family members. These types of tattoos are usually given to male children, though there are no rules in the matter.

A godson tattoo can include the child’s name, initials or a symbol representing him.

Godson Tattoos – The Meaning : The term “godson” actually means something different when it is applied to women, but its meaning when applied to men is that of a male child, son or grandson for whom someone acts as a godparent.

A godfather (or godmother) will look after the spiritual welfare and upbringing of this person, “standing in” for his real parents until he comes to adulthood.

To many cultures throughout the world, the role of godparents remains important, even if the people involved are not religious.

This could be considered something of a social obligation, rather than a religious one, though in many religions it is expected that you will choose someone to act as godparents for your child.

some celebrities that chose Godson Tattoo as a remembrance of their duties and responsibilities including Harry styles : as stated in bodyartguru :

JACKSON inked on Harry’s left arm.  Jackson is the name of Harry’s photographer, Calvin Aurand, who was the official photographer and archivist for One Direction. Jackson is Harry’s godson.

harry syles godson tattoo
harry syles godson tattoo @ bodyartguru