Grape tattoo meanings and symbolism

Grape tattoos are very popular as the meaning of grape is deep. In Greek mythology, Dionysus , god of wine, ecstasy and ritual madness was believed to have created grapes from his own blood. Because of that people believed that those who drink red wine will live a bit longer . But not only they are connected with wine, grapes are symbols of fertility , resurrection and eternal life.

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Grape tattoo meanings and symbolism

They are also connected with the vineyards which represent strength , power, joy . As well they can be linked to harvest , plenty . And not only men love grape tattoos but women do too. They are great tattoo choice for couples.

In some cultures when a man found grapes in the forest he would cut them and tie to a pole in order everyone who was passing by could eat. In this way, grape tattoo meanings and symbolism can be connected with faith, sacrifice , sharing . Even if you don’t want to go far from the original meaning you can simply choose a grape tattoo with your name .

Grape tattoo designs and their meaning

Best grape tattoos are the ones that have deeper meanings. A lot of people just get a bunch of grapes without knowing why they chose them in the first place. If you don’t want to do this mistake check carefully all possible meanings and symbolism behind a grape tattoo before getting one. Because you may end up with something that doesn’t represent who you really are. And if you decided to go for it make sure to choose the best design possible with lots of details and perfect colors . In this way, your grape tattoos will look impressive .

If you still doubt about grape tattoos check some amazing examples below:

Geometric Sacred Geometry Tattoo – Grape Tattoos are also symbols of fertility. This tattoo is a good example for that.

Geometric Mandala Tattoo – By the number 11 grape tattoos are connected with abundance, joy , harvest .

Flower Popeye Arm Piece – Reminding us that in ancient Greece, people believed that those who drink red wine will live a bit longer. And since in ancient Greece Dionysus was their god of wine grape tattoos can be related to him too.

Grape vines on arm – Grape vines are very interesting tattoo idea because they don’t have only one meaning but many ones you can choose from like strength, power, renewal…

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Take your time before choosing your grape tattoo design and make sure it has deep personal meaning or symbolism for you.