Grasshopper tattoo meaning

Grasshopper tattoo meaning is very simple and straight forward. It symbolizes patience and wisdom. This small insect can be also a sign of luck, especially when we talk about grasshopper with shining eyes.

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The most popular use of this image is the Celtic cross where the grasshopper is often placed in between rose and thorns (this combination has its own specific meaning).

The origin: Not only did the Celts use the katydid on their coats-of-arms but it was also used by early Christians as an allegory for Christ. A common theme among Christian era manuscripts such as ‘Book of Kells’ had been that of intertwining animals into knot like patterns. One such example shows two grasshoppers, with their hind legs in the shape of a loop surrounding another animal that is difficult to distinguish. It has been suggested that this may be an interpretation of the Trinity, with one body but three heads or alternatively Christ on the Cross surrounded by two thieves.

Christianity: The connection between Christ and grasshopper can also be found in Slavonic Bible where it says “I shall tell you how great this joy will be… What is the meaning of the grasshopper? – God! What is His Name? – Jesus Christ.” This shows us how close are grasshopper tattoo meaning and Christianity.

Ancient Egypt: The grasshopper played an important role in the Egyptian mythology. It was associated with resurrection and immortality, probably because it can go for few months without any food or water. Grasshoppers were not only part of the religious symbolism but also appeared in hieroglyphs representing “immortality”.

Celtic cross: The connection between grasshopper and Celtic cross is very strong. It goes both ways, the one with a grasshopper on a cross symbolizes pagan beliefs while the other with a Christian sign means that person was saved by Christ from eternal death.

Buddhism: There is also another religious meaning connected to grasshoppers. This insect represents summer but also abundance in general (it doesn’t matter if it has concrete spiritual meaning). It can also represent scarcity and famine, which is connected to its ability of staying without food for months.

Legends: Once we leave the religious world we enter a world of myths and legends. The grasshopper has been associated with wisdom as well as transformation. This is often observed in the Chinese, African or Native American mythology where different stories tell us about this insect’s ability of changing its body length (from very small to large).

On the other hand grasshopper can be a sign of good luck and prosperity. This is especially visible in the Chinese mythology which tells us three different stories talking about time when grasshoppers landed on someone’s clothes and turned it rich.

Luck: The second most popular meaning of grasshopper tattoo is the sign of luck. Grasshopper with shining eyes brings good fortune and prosperity on its owner’s way. It also means wisdom, which is very important for those who wants to attain enlightenment.

The grasshopper has unique physical ability to leap across wide spaces (it is often associated with escape). That’s why it may have the meaning of transformation, change and new beginnings.

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Having a grasshopper tattoo can mean any of those meanings or all of them at once. However it is important to remember that despite being so small this little animal carries lot of symbolism inside. That is why you should always choose a reputable tattoo artist.

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