Hanger Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

The first documented use of a hanger tattoo was in early 2007. It took off from there, and now the Hanger Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs for men .

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If you don’t know what a hanger is, it’s basically a clothes hangar – imagine those things that people usually hang their jackets on, and you get the idea. In this case, the hanger is showing its front end, and it looks like a very simple design. The tattoo itself doesn’t need much explaining – it’s a line going from one end to another with many small lines attached at the bottom which make it look more realistic.

The basic symbolism of a tattoo is “to give life” to something dead. However, taking this symbol on a literal sense makes it lose its magic, so people started interpreting the symbolism in different ways. For example, some say that your body can be seen as a living tree with veins and arteries carrying blood to all of the vital parts of your body. By putting ink into your skin, you are basically making your body dead. That is why this tattoo can be seen as the opposite of what it actually means. The hanger itself doesn’t represent anything living or dead, so there are many interpretations for you to choose from.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 1: Emptyness

The Hanger symbolizes an empty vessel that is ready to be filled with an object or a tool. When it is used in a tattoo, it can mean that the wearer has reached a point where he/she is ready to receive something new. Examples of hanger tattoos are “I am open for business” heart hanger tattoo , angel wings hanger tattoo etc…

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 2: sexual orientations

The Hanger, especially the empty hanger tattoo, is a popular choice of homosexual males and can mean one of two things. Firstly, it can represent the wearer’s preference of dressing up in women’s clothing.

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Secondly, it can also represent a fetish for underwear. The choice of a wooden clothes hangar is because it resembles an abstract phallus in shape, and the hanging effect further enhances that symbolism.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 3: specific event

This tattoo can be used to symbolize a specific event in someone’s life. It could represent a loss in the wearer’s life, which is why the hanger looks empty. The emptiness means that there are no emotions being felt anymore by the wearer.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 4: loss

The hanger tattoo can also be used to symbolize a dead relative or friend or someone who has passed away for some reason. It does not necessarily have to be a family member – it can be anyone the wearer wants to remember. The tattoo will serve as a reminder of this person and can also mean spiritual release from someone who has been holding on to you or your life for a long time.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 5: anti-tattoo

The Hanger tattoo is often used as an anti-tattoo tattoo. It is a way to mock people who get inked overall. The hanger is empty, so it can be filled with an object of your choice – for example, you could have the hanger tattooed on your left arm and fill it up with a heart on your right arm right below it.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 6: hobby or interest

The hanger tattoo can also be used to represent a specific hobby or interest. For example, you could have a metal hanger tattooed on your arm and fill it up with an image of a fishing hook from the elbow up to the hand. This way, it will represent your love for fishing as well as show off your tattoos at the same time.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 7: military

The Hanger tattoo is popular among people in the military. It can represent someone who has died in combat or served their country through military service and given their life for it. The empty hanger symbolizes this sacrifice, while its shape represents the rifle used by soldiers when they are fighting in the battlefield.

Hanger Tattoo Meaning 8: prison

The Hanger tattoo is a popular choice among people who have been to jail or prison. It can stand for freedom from an enclosed space and represents freedom from the mental stress caused by being imprisoned. The empty hanger resembles a cage, while its shape resembles a key.