Hanuman tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Hindu religion also has various instances in its ancient texts that describe the significance and symbolism of being inked. This article discusses the various meanings of the Hindu god Hanuman tattoo and discovers how this seemingly simple design can actually carry deep meaning.

hanuman tattoos can mean many different things:

The Hanuman Tattoo: The Monkey God

Hanuman has been oftentimes referred to by many names and epithets in the Hindu texts and scriptures. He is often called Pavan-Sut, meaning “son of air,” because he was conceived when his mother Anjana was worshiping Lord Shiva in the form of a powerful wind.

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Hanuman is also often referred to as Mahavira, or “the great hero.” His other names include Maruti (son of Marut), Pawansut (also Pavan-Sut), Bajarangbali, Anjanaputra, and Mangalmurti.

Hanuman is believed by Hindus to be a loyal and humble servant to Lord Rama, as well as a powerful force of good. In the Ramayana , Hanuman is depicted as having been born from an urn that contained a mixture of clay, herbs, and amrita .

It was said that this mixture was then used by the gods in order to produce a creature who could be the avatar of Shiva, but was actually produced by Shiva in order to help Rama find his wife Sita after she had been kidnapped by Ravana. Hanuman is also well known for having aided Lakshmana in the recovery of Rama’s wife.

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Because Hanuman was so loyal to Rama, he is often depicted as being much larger than human-sized. In one well known tale from the Ramayana, Hanuman actually leaps across the ocean in order to find Sita and gives a sign of his presence by leaving behind a small footprint on the island he landed upon.

Because of this tale, many Hindus compare Hanuman to the Greek hero Hercules. They also believe that if one worships Hanuman and Rama with a true and humble heart, he will be blessed with great strength and will become as powerful as both of them combined.

hanuman tattoos often depict images of self-sacrifice

Carrying The Mountain With Ease

One of the most famous acts that Hanuman accomplished was when he carried a large mountain with the power of his mind in order to create a bridge across the ocean. This act symbolized how powerful and mighty he truly became after having studied under Sage Matang, who taught him how to harness his inner power. After building this bridge, Hanuman was able to jump across the ocean and search for Sita.

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hanuman tattoos signify a strength of character

In most depictions of Hanuman, he is seen holding a mace in his right hand. This not only symbolizes how powerful he actually became, but also that one should always be prepared for battle against evil forces. In some instances, his left hand is held out as if he were motioning for someone to come and sit upon it. This is meant as a sign that one should always be open to receive the blessings of those who have done good deeds.