Hello Kitty Tattoo meaning and symbolism

Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. The character was presented in 1974, six years after her emergence, was an overnight sensation with teenage girls around the world.

Hello Kitty has become a fashion accessory for young children all over the world and can be found on T-shirts, watches, bags, backpacks and stationery.

The popularity of the character makes many people get tattoos with Hello Kitty on their bodies, this type of tattoo is also called “Kitty Tattoo”. The Hello Kitty tattoos are usually small designs that portray cute face and four-paws Hello Kitty holding a red heart.

Hello Kitty arm Tattoo
Hello Kitty arm Tattoo @ anfarsh.tt

So, what’s the meaning behind hello kitty tattoos?

The Hello Kitty tattoos are sweet and innocent symbols of love, affection, friendship or loyalty.

Hello Kitty has also become a signature tattoo for Japanese women who have survived breast cancer surgery and mastectomy procedures. She is a reminder of a time when they felt weak and vulnerable but pulled through.

It can also show the world how brave one is going through this difficult struggle.

The reason behind the enormous popularity of Hello Kitty tattoos is that it is an excellent small tattoo design which makes the tattoo look even cuter.

Other popular small tattoo designs are cherries, sparrows and star tattoos. They can be placed on different parts of the body, where it won’t leave an obvious tattoo mark such as the wrist, ankle, stomach or lower back and look adorable.

What’s the best body place for this tattoo?

Hello Kitty tattoos look good regardless of the body place, but there are some body parts that you should consider.

  • Cute hello kitty tattoo designs on foot: This tattoo design is usually placed on feet and looks lovely. It can be a nice tattoo for girls and it is also small enough that it will not take up much space.
  • Hello Kitty tattoo designs on wrists: Hello Kitty tattoos are small in size, so they can be drawn in any part of the body. The wrist is one of the most popular places to get Hello Kitty tattoos. Even though it is a small tattoo design, it will look amazing and very cute on the wrist.
  • Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs on ribs: Getting Hello Kitty tattoos on ribs is another good idea. This tattoo design can be small and placed around the navel area, which will look very cute on girls’ bodies.
  • Hello Kitty Tattoo designs on ankles: Ankle is another option for getting this super cute tattoo design. It can be placed on both ankles or on one ankle, which will look lovely.

Can men get hello kitty tattoos?

If men are not afraid of being associated with femininity, then they can consider Hello Kitty tattoos. It will suit men who like to be a little different and show their uniqueness.

Hello Kitty tattoos can be considered by anyone looking for a sweet and innocent tattoo design that is simple, cute and appropriate for the wrist, ankle, ribs or lower back.

What color to use for Hello kitty Tattoo designs?

When you are getting a small tattoo design the best way to go without picking too many colors is to use black and red colors.

But if you want a brighter tattoo design, then you can go with the traditional Hello kitty pink color or any other color for that matter.

What about the size of hello kitty tattoos?

The good thing about getting “Hello kitty” tattoos is that they can be small and simple.

You can keep the size as small as you want or go big depending on your taste and preference.

If you think that a small tattoo design will work well for you, then going for a smaller Hello Kitty tattoo is also a good option. But if you have a larger space to place the tattoo design, consider drawing a bigger one.

Where to get Hello Kitty tattoo designs?

There are many places where you can go to get good tattoos. But before you visit any tattoo shop, do some research.

The internet is an excellent source for getting lots of information about the best tattoo shops in your area or wherever you want to find a tattoo design.

Hello Kitty tattoo with a knife
Hello Kitty tattoo with a knife @ rio.hyacinth