Hermes wings tattoo meaning and symbolism

This tattoo has its origins in Ancient Greek mythology; Hermes was a winged messenger who flew between Olympus and earth carrying messages from God Zeus to mortals.

The Greeks believed that he was accompanied by the music of the rustling of the wings as he moved swiftly from one place to another.

What does Hermes wings tattoo mean?

The Hermes wings tattoo is the iconic representation of speed, freedom and protection. This is an emblem of power that can’t be ignored.

And so, if you have this tattoo, not only will you have a constant reminder of the awesome power of flight and speed but also a symbol that represents protection.

Hermes wings ankle tattoo
Hermes wings ankle tattoo @ bestasiantattoo

Who wears Hermes wings tattoos?

Hermes wings tattoo is a popular choice for men who are passionate about aviation and the idea of flight. It’s also a great choice for anybody that works in transport or logistics. The meaning behind this tattoo has made it very popular amongst athletes, especially runners.

It can be worn by both men and women but if you’re looking for the best results, go for a version that’s more masculine or at least balanced between masculine and feminine.

What is the best place to get a Hermes wings tattoo?

Hermes wings tattoos look really great on the sides of the ankle because they can be large and highly detailed without causing too much discomfort. In addition, this site will allow you to show off your tattoo.

They can also be done on the back of the neck, lower back and upper arm but here, you’ll have to make sure that you don’t conceal it with clothes or other tattoos. You need this tattoo to be highly visible.

Hermes wings tattoo colors

This is a black and white design, but it can also be done in color. In this case, the feathers will probably be made with some red or yellow color on each of them that will add more depth to your tattoo design.

People who use bright colors do so because they want to appear striking and brave, while the black and white ones make it look like a tattoo that is associated with protection.

Hermes wings tattoo design

The Hermes wings tattoo is usually done in traditional American style. The entire body is often covered with the same tattoo, giving it a symmetrical appearance. However, you can also have each shoulder or both arms separate from one another so that it looks like the wings are flapping mid-flight. It’s very striking!

Hermes wings ankle tattoo
Hermes wings ankle tattoo @ koukkune