Heron tattoo meaning and symbolism

Heron tattoos have been slowly rising in popularity. These beautiful birds are typically associated with different ideas and meanings, depending on their location and habitat. 

In this article we will explore some of the most popular meanings behind heron tattoos.

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In the US , for instance, heron tattoos are known to represent wisdom, patience and reflection.

Meanwhile, herons in countries such as Japan have a completely different symbolism ; one that evokes hope and protection instead.

Let’s jump straight in : below we have listed ten of the most popular heron tattoos along with their respective meaning:

1. Japanese Heron Tattoo Meaning – hope and protection

As previously mentioned, heron tattoos in Japan symbolize hope and protection. This is due to the belief that this bird was once a guardian angel sent down to earth by the Buddha.

These guardians are thought to protect people against evil spirits or dangers lurking in the night. If you want a tattoo that has strong significance within Japanese culture then this is the design idea for you.

2. Feather down the spine Heron Tattoo Meaning – Spiritual advancement and renewal

In some native cultures, feathers were used as a sign of spiritual status and achievement. This is why feather tattoos are often associated with higher forms of spirituality across these societies.

A heron tattoo featuring a feather down its spine can therefore be taken to mean that the wearer has gained some form of spiritual recognition within their culture or society.

It’s also worth noting that herons are known for their ability to travel between worlds. So if your goal is to rapidly advance up the ladder of traveling between different spheres then this could be an ideal design idea for you too!

3. Heron with a crystal ball in its mouth – good luck and success in life

This symbolism is thought to represent fortune and prosperity. So if you want a tattoo that signifies good luck and success in life then this could be an ideal design idea for you to consider!

In addition, let’s not forget what we mentioned earlier about the heron being associated with travel between worlds! The stone or jewel carried by the heron in its beak is believed to offer protection against evil spirits. This makes it an ideal candidate for protecting you against all sorts of dangers, both physical and spiritual!

4. Heron tattoos with water in the background – renewal and change

The heron is thought to represent transformation, renewal and change. This symbolism comes from the way that this bird will stand still in one place until a fish or insect happens to wander within reach, at which point these creatures are snatched up in its long beak seemingly out of thin air.

Ok, but hat does this mean? It means if your goal is to overcome stagnation and start moving forward towards your goals, then this could be the perfect tattoo design idea for you!

5. White heron tattoos – purity and simplicity

White is the color of spotlessness, innocence and virtue. This makes it an ideal color to use when you want to represent purity or spiritual enlightenment.

It’s also worth noting that this bird was once thought to be a guardian angel sent down by God, so if your goal is to embody some form of divine protection then white could be the way to go for you too!

Or maybe your goal is simply to capture nature itself within your new tattoo design? If so, there are lots of different ways you can do this besides picking up the heron itself. For example, you could consider adding a lotus flower or an arrangement of bamboo to your tattoo design if these objects appeal to you.

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So there we have it , heron tattoos have many different meanings and significances depending on who you ask and where you look online.

Although this ornithological creature is well loved by many people worldwide, there are some important symbols and ideas within Japanese culture that make it particularly relevant to those with ties to this part of the world.

Hopefully this article will help expand your understanding of both the heron and its unique symbolism even further!

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