Hung rooster tattoo meaning and symbolism ( explained )

hung rooster tattoo
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A couple of years ago, a friend of mine landed a job as a tattoo artist. He was really excited about this new career and couldn’t wait to get started at his first job.

I remember being so nervous for him on his first day—and even asking if he wanted me to come in with him! His answer surprised me: “Of course not, I’m a big boy. I can handle this.”

I was happy to hear that he was confident and felt ready for the challenge. A few weeks later, he showed me his new tattoo: a large, black-and-gray skull on his forearm. The skull was hung by a noose, with the word “roster” etched in the noose.

When I asked about it, he told me that it was a memorial tattoo for his time working at this shop. He didn’t want to talk much more about it, but mentioned that there was some sort of “roster” hanging on the wall during his training.

My friend stayed with this job for a couple of years, but eventually moved on to other opportunities. The tattoo has since faded, but the meaning behind it still remains.

hung rooster tattoo

A recent Reddit post asked about the reason behind this tattoo. Many people discussed what it could have meant to my friend, but no one had a solid answer.

A friend has a rooster on a noose tattooed below his knee. He likes to say that he has a “p… that hangs below my knee”.

This made me think that the tattoo might be a play on words about the “rooster”.

another website said that its symbolism about masturbation

This is a rude representation of a phrase meaning masturbation. Somewhat of a symbol for masturbation, it is common as a fraternity brother joke to force a new guy to get one tattoo on him.

Depends on where it is located. If it is on the lower half of the leg it is a p… that swings below your knee. If anywhere else it is a choked chicken which is a male self pleasure reference.

so there is that ….

hung rooster tattoo

and another website talks about it being a symbol of grief and loss

the rooster in a noose tattoo can be symbolized as a personal loss in life. They might use the rooster in a noose to remember what they had lost. So this symbol is used by many to remember their loss in a business or their past success in life.