Iceberg tattoo meaning and symbolism

The iceberg tattoo is a tattoo design that uses the image of an iceberg to convey different meanings. The origin of the iceberg tattoo goes back some hundred years. But before we explain what these tattoos mean, let’s discuss for how long humans have been drawing sea creatures on their bodies.

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Iceberg tattoos can mean different things, depending on the colors used.

The iceberg tattoo meaning has evolved over time. Nowadays, these tattoos can be found in many places around the world, even if they have different meanings depending on where you are. The general meaning of an iceberg is transformation through experiences and change . It represents life’s lessons . An iceberg tattoo may also represent protection , life changes , new path s , spiritual growth , isolation or independence .

Some history around the iceberg tattoo symbol

Sailors used to draw sea creatures on their bodies, especially whales and sharks. They believed that the spirit of the animal would be with them during their voyages . Whalers also tattooed images of women, for good luck.

However, there are other explanations about the origin of the iceberg tattoo most commonly found in America. According to this explanation, people would paint an iceberg on their skin as a symbol of strength after getting out of prison . But they couldn’t do so openly because it was forbidden by law. So they ended up hiding these tattoos under their clothing until they were able to go out without being recognized by anyone who knew them before going into jail .

That may not be true either; but even if it is, not all iceberg tattoos represent strength and prison life. Nevertheless, most of the time, they do.

So now that you know what an iceberg tattoo means or may mean , it’s time to see some examples .

You can use different colors such as blue and white to make your iceberg stand out more . A simple yet powerful design like this one is a great way to introduce personal symbolism into your tattoo:

An iceberg is shaped by movement

As we’ve mentioned, icebergs can also be a sign of strength and independence. They symbolize transformation through experiences and change. An iceberg tattoo can mean different things. It depends on the person who gets one:

People who have got an iceberg tattoo usually do so because they know what it represents, or simply because they like them .

Some iceberg tattoo design ideas

The amount of time you use to draw an ice berg also changes its meaning . A small design doesn’t have as much symbolism as a detailed one.

You can combine several elements with your iceberg tattoo to represent more meanings at once.

Some people choose to represent their connection with nature by drawing a whole landscape with rocks, birds and flowers around their ice berg tattoos.

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Another nice idea is to create a scene around your iceberg tattoo. You can also add other elements like a ship, or even draw yourself in the middle of an ice berg.

Combining symbols is another great idea when it comes to adding personal symbolism to tattoos .

Here’s one example 

You’d be surprised at how many people used to go through this process for months just before getting out of prison ! If you’re looking for an iceberg tattoo design , keep in mind that there are several variations depending on where you want to get it . Here are some ideas if you’re looking for something more traditional.

Nowadays, there are many ways to create an iceberg without using basic shapes and different colors. The following designs use negative space instead of actual lines.