Infinity Anchor Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism

Infinity is a term for something without end, as in infinite. Traditionally it refers to the endless stretches of time and space that comprise the universe and are considered limitless. Infinity anchors symbolize hope for a future without limit, uncertainty and pain with their hopeful symbolism.

Infinity Anchor Wrist Tattoo
Infinity Anchor Wrist Tattoo @ art_by_alan_taylor

An infinity anchor tattoo is a way of showing that from the darkest depths you can find strength to pull yourself out of those moments and make your life whole again by using your past experiences to create an anchor point which will always be there in place with unwavering hope.

“never sink”

An infinite anchor tattoo piece would represent everlasting hope or a personal message or quote that you would want to live with forever, so that in the darkest of times, there is always a source of strength and hope.

Infinity anchor tattoos can also be made to symbolize a love letter to this person and serve as a reminder to remain hopeful throughout time and not to forget love.

Infinity Anchor foot Tattoo
Infinity Anchor foot Tattoo @ skindependent

Infinity anchor tattoos could also be used as a reminder to never give up, that hope is always there if you can find it. There is always a new beginning and a third chance for all of us, so when you get one, go for it.
Infinite possibilities and possibilities that never end. The infinity symbol represents the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth. It is a symbol of hope and an anchor for those who want to live a life without fear or doubt.

“survival to infinity”

Infinite life: In Greek Mythology Odysseus was cursed by Circe witch to turn into a pig when he gets home after ten years at sea. In the classical myth, Odysseus used the magic herb moly to become invisible to his enemies and returned home safely after ten years at sea after having spent many years in Troy with the Trojan war.

The meaning of infinity anchor tattoos is based on the philosophic concept that time and infinity are often combined as a single concept, most effectively symbolizing the hope for an uninterrupted life or eternity. Therefore, the infinity anchor tattoo is worn by many individuals as a gesture of faith and hope.

In some contexts, the infinity anchor tattoo brings to mind an awareness that our lives are constantly filled with uncertainty and pain. This can be difficult to face when you have a tendency to be happy-go-lucky or overconfident. For this reason, many people choose a symbolic representation as they seek strength in order to do something meaningful with their life experiences instead of being led by their emotions.

Matching Infinity Anchor Tattoos
Matching Infinity Anchor Tattoos @ thenortonsharayah

what does the infinity anchor tattoo say your personality ?

The infinity anchor is a symbol of hope. This is important to know when you attempt to use this as a means to confirm your personality. The symbolism behind this tattoo is also important. The tattoo is used to express strength and to be able to survive anything that life throws at you. Because the tattoo involves a period of time without end it is a sign of hope. Those who wear this symbol on a shirt or wrist are usually the gift of defense and faith. For those who want to live an exciting life, the infinity tattoo may be the best on the market.

Infinity Anchor "refuse to sink" Tattoo
Infinity Anchor “refuse to sink” Tattoo @ leilei55