Infinity Arrow Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

Infinity arrows are a common geometric pattern found in tattoos. An infinity tattoo is often an arrow pointing upwards on the inside of the wrist with a curving tail, forming a figure eight on its way up.

Infinity Arrow wrist Tattoo
Infinity Arrow wrist Tattoo @ thepainteddogg

What’s the meaning behind infinity arrow tattoos ?

cycle of life / eternity

Infinity arrows have a variety of meanings, but they most commonly symbolize the never-ending cycle of life and death or time passing. They can also be symbols of eternity and have been interpreted as being representations of two people entwined together as one eternal being.

eternal relationship

The meaning of an infinity tattoo can vary based upon the specific pattern that is used. For example, a double-curving infinity symbol is often interpreted as a message to someone else telling them that the wearer would like to be intertwined with them in an eternal relationship.

exchange of energy

The curving tail of the arrow represents a continuous exchange of energy between the two individuals. This is why an infinity tattoo on its own may mean different things to different people, but when paired with other symbols, using the same design or one that compliments it, there may be a more obvious long-term meaning for others to draw from.

Attached to the infinity symbol is a dot. The dot represents the mind or being, whereas the tail of the arrow pointing upwards represents energy. This can also be seen as an abstract way of showing a soul rising upward toward enlightenment and spirituality.

Infinity Arrow ankle Tattoo
Infinity Arrow ankle Tattoo @ kingsmantattoos

What an infinity arrow tattoo can say about you ?

An infinity tattoo may be simple and just a curving mark on the inside of the wrist, or it can be very elaborate with different elements or symbols. At this point, you might not even know what an infinity tattoo means to you personally.

An infinity tattoo can tell a lot about the person wearing it and their intentions behind getting it inked on their body. So let’s take a look at some common meanings that people believe an infinity tattoo may symbolically represent…

eternal love / devotion / friendship

Although not always the easiest thing to interpret, an infinity symbol can mean eternal love, devotion and friendships for some people. Perhaps these are the things you are most looking for in a partner. If you’re hoping to find such a person, or have just met one, an infinity tattoo might be a way of showing them how you feel about them without actually saying it specifically.

a message to someone else …

An infinity symbol is also sometimes used as a way of expressing something to someone else without actually having to say it. For example, your ex-partner might want to show their new lover how much they care about them using an infinity tattoo.

matching Infinity Arrow Tattoos
matching Infinity Arrow Tattoos @ renkerka

The best body place for this tattoo is …

The best place in my opinion to get an infinty arrow tattoo is on the inside of the wrist. The placement of this tattoo is very important since it affects the overall meaning of the tattoo.

Many people have infinty tattoos on their wrist, but a number of them have them on their ankle, chest or even other places such as their forearm or back. It is important to know that some part of your body will be exposed when you have this type of tattoo in other places. Therefore, you need to consider your choice carefully.

Infinity Arrow foot Tattoo
Infinity Arrow foot Tattoo @ tiny.dagger