Infinity Feather Tattoo Meaning And Symbolism

The infinity symbol is made up of two interlocking circles, drawn next to each other. It is often seen as a symbol of eternity and the concept of never-endingness — in other words, “infinite”.

In its most literal sense, the infinity feather tattoo simply encircles your wrist or ankle like a bracelet. However, it can also be embellished with decorative elements on top of the first circle or drawn out to cover more space than its original form by attaching additional circles.

Infinity feather tattoo with names
Infinity feather tattoo with names @ criss.harley

It can also be used as a way for people who are struggling with addiction to remind themselves that everything will eventually get better.

It’s also important to note that the types of feathers and colors used in the tattoo can be very important — in some cultures, certain colors and feathers are considered unlucky or signifying bad luck. To be safe and accurate, it’s best to consult with a professional before you get any sort of feather tattoo.

What is the meaning behind Infinity feather Tattoos ?

The infinity feather tattoo is all about the symbolism. As explained above, the representation of this design is based on symbols of eternal and ever-lasting love.

The Infinity feather tattoo can be considered as a symbol of faith and commitment, as well, due to the fact that it’s all about relationships.
Many people who want to get this tattoo are already part of a relationship and want to symbolize their love for their partner. Others, on the other hand, want to get it in order to represent that they are not yet part of a relationship but still have that faith and commitment.

Infinity feather arm tattoo  @
Infinity feather arm tattoo @ egotattoostudios

What kind of people usually get this tattoo?

These tattoos are often chosen by people who are married or in a long-term relationship (often, you will find these adorning the wrists or ankles of married couples). This is because wearers want to embrace their bond with their partner and reinforce how deep their love is for each other.

Are there any superstitions or beliefs associated with the infinity feather?

Yes, there is a particular philosophy which is attached to this design. The person who wears this tattoo often has to be of an accepting nature and know how to handle all situations without losing their cool or getting disillusioned about the world in general.

Infinity feather mom tattoo @
Infinity feather mom tattoo @ skindeeptattoosvzm

what does the infinity feather tattoo say about you ?

If you’re thinking about getting this design, keep the following points in mind:

For some, it symbolizes the infinite connection between all living things — humans, animals, and the planet. For others, it is a reminder that there is no end to their quest for truth. It can also signify that there is nothing which can break the bond between two people who love each other and share common values.

As mentioned before, different cultures may have a certain belief when it comes to this tattoo design.

Infinity feather arm tattoo
Infinity feather arm tattoo @

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How To Get A Perfect Infinity symbol Tattoo?
Making your own tattoo is one of the toughest decisions you will have to make as a person who wants to stand out from the crowd. With that in mind, let us help guide you through some art basics that will leave you satisfied with your own work.

How to Draw a cool Infinity symbol ?
If you’re looking how to draw an infinity symbol in your own way or on your own body, here’s how:

First, draw two lines across a piece of paper — just one line should be slightly longer than the other. It is essential that both start at the same point going across in opposite directions.

How can the infinity symbol be used in other designs?

Besides being a design element itself, the infinity feather tattoo can also be used in various designs. For instance, it can be attached to other patterns as an alternative to traditional outlines. The placement of the tattoo is also very flexible — it can be placed on any part of the body or face with relative ease.

Similarly, the feather design can also be embellished to highlight certain parts of the body. The key is to consider placement and color-tones carefully when you are working with this pattern.

Is it common for people to get extra or smaller feathers added?

This can vary from person to person, depending on their personal preference and expectations. Be sure that you explain your tastes clearly and that you explain what you expect out of the tattoo artist, as well.