Inguz rune tattoo meaning and symbolism

The primordial god Yer-Sub, who is also associated with the water, was said to have given the Runes to humanity. He did so by taking a “whole” man and woman and separating them into halves. Then he took each half’s hands and feet and removed them, turning them into the runes.

The Inguz rune meaning thus focuses on being together and finding one another, being whole again after coming from separate places.

So, what do Inguz rune tattoos mean ?

The short answer (and the most common one ): Many people use this tattoo to represent a relationship or friend. By having this rune as their choice of tattoo art, they are wishing that the other person gets well soon or is sending a sign that they wish to reunite.

Inguz rune finger tattoo
Inguz rune finger tattoo @ helia_tattoo_

Some cultures believe that runes hold spiritual powers and can be used to guide us if we ask for help in making good choices. Runes are believed to hold the key to our past, present and future.

Some people believe that the Inguz rune can be used to shield against evil. Tattooing this symbol on your body is believed to offer protection and prevent the manifestation of negative energies.

Inguz rune tattoo colors and their meaning

Since the Inguz rune meaning is related to relationships and wholeness, the colors of this tattoo will vary.

Most people either get it in black (or sometimes red) for a more classic look. Others get it colored in blue or green ink. These two colors are believed to be ones that calm us down and help us find peace.

Some people also like to use bright colors for their tattoos, such as pink or yellow which are considered to be “happy” colors. These color meanings are more common in children than they are among adults.

I’ve seen the Inguz rune tattooed with white ink on some people. Then again, I’ve also seen it tattooed with purple ink. Both of these colors are associated with spiritual growth and self-awareness, so maybe there was something about this person that made them think they needed to find the right path (or get back on track).

Inguz rune tattoo placements and their meaning

The Inguz rune is most commonly associated with the Neck, Back or Rib cage. Some people also like to get it tattooed on their arms or even around their wrist (to represent a friend).

It can be placed anywhere though. There are no “rules” saying that if you’re getting it as a tattoo you need to put it in a specific place, especially if you’re getting it as a temporary tattoo.

Some Inguz rune tattoo design ideas

There are a number of different ways to represent the Inguz rune as a tattoo.

Here are some of them:

As a single rune: A simple, small and continuous line is all that’s needed to create the Inguz tattoo symbol. It’s not as complicated as most runes and can be done in one sitting by an artist who is familiar with this kind of design.

Combined with others : The Inguz rune is commonly combined with other runes. Some people like to get it tattooed alongside the Mannaz and Laguz runes (to symbolize unity). Others opt for pairing the Inguz with Ehwaz, Fehu and/or Algiz (to represent a journey – crossing paths and finding what’s needed along the way).

As an animal totem tattoo: I’ve seen the Inguz rune (and other runes) represented as fish, birds, wolves and cats. There is no specific meaning attributed to each of these animals; they are simply chosen because they are believed to be positive or protective symbols in some cultures.

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Inguz rune leg tattoo
Inguz rune leg tattoo