interstate tattoo meaning and symbolism

interstate: a highway that is part of an interstate system with route numbering and signage regulated and standardized by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

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Interstate tattoo meaning

Interstates provide connections between large metropolitan areas within regions such as the Midwest, Northeast, South, Southwest, West Coast with I-65 in North America for example. They also connect two major cities with each other. Transcontinental Interstate Tattoo meaning can be to protect yourself when traveling or it can symbolize knowing how to adapt to your environment. The color key is real important because everything has a very specific meaning. The most common color keys are RED/ORANGE/YELLOW/GOLD the meaning is POWER or STRENGTH, BLUE/PURPLE/INDIGO the meaning is PROTECTION, GREEN the meaning is LUCK or TALISMAN (Talisman Tattoo) , WHITE means PURIFICATION, BLACK means FOREVER.


The first long-distance expressway in the United States was opened between Baltimore and Washington D.C., it was known as the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and later simply as Route 95. This 40 mile long parkway was constructed between 1941 and 1944 for US$30 million(1944), this was an entire decade after Britain built what is considered to be th e first modern national high way system called LETC which stands for London Expressway Tunnels. The LETC was built in 1927 and had a speed limit of 30mph.


The most famous interstate is the “Amber Alert” Interstate System (I-35) in America, Canada uses it too but through they use an overlapping system known as MULES ( Multi-Use Legacy Service ) which has been around since 1996. Amber Alerts are part of Child Abduction Emergency (CAE) procedures used to alert the public to be on the lookout for a suspected abductor when there’s imminent danger to a child. It all started when 9 year old Amber Hagerman was abducted while riding her bicycle in Arlington Texas on January 13th, 1996 she later died at the hands of her abductor, her assailant(s) are still unknown.


The first spate of Amber Alerts issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety was four hours after Hagerman’s abduction on January 13th, 1996. The same year the Federal Bureau of Investigation opened its AMBER Alert website with support from television broadcasters and wireless telecommunications companies to help recover abducted children through public awareness campaigns.

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Three years later in 1999 an average of 800 children were rescued each month thanks to the system built by America including one case where a carjacking victim was able to alert police as he spoke on his mobile phone about his abduction at gunpoint, authorities were then able to track down the suspect’s license plate number which resulted in him being arrested.