Iris flower tattoo meaning and symbolism

If you are looking for tattoo ideas that will express your individuality, then maybe you should try an iris flower. This is a very popular choice not only because the colors are sometimes amazing, but also because there are many different interpretations of this flower.

Iris flower chest tattoo
Iris flower chest tattoo @ aura.bydgoszcz

This flower can be tattooed as it is, or this one can be stylized, just like the Asian symbol for love. Iris flower tattoo meaning is different and all depends how you combine colors and symbols with the flower itself.

This unique flower has three sepals, three petals and three stamen: two filaments ending with anthers and one – with a three-lobed stigma.

So, what do iris flower tattoos usually mean?

As superstition has it, they represent an evil eye, as well as a beautiful one.

In some cultures, iris flower tattoos are believed to be lucky signs. There is even a kind of clover that provides protection.

When the tattoo is single, it represents grace or beauty. It also stands for progress and deep development of personality.

Sometimes iris flower tattoos are done to express different states of mind, for example : joy, sorrow, peace.

However, there are several exceptions when iris is a symbol of death or resurrection. It can even stand for pain and suffering.

Iris flower arm tattoo
Iris flower arm tattoo @ manilananna

Different iris tattoo colors and different meanings

Iris tattoos in black and white are a sign of wisdom.

In blue it means creative power, while the red one stands for love and passion. If you add yellow, then this flower means joy or friendship.

Green iris flower tattoos can have several meanings: fertility, healing and beauty.

If there are more than six petals on the flower, then this is a symbol of hope. White iris tattoos mean purity or sympathy.

In general, if you have an iris flower tattoo, even with no meaning behind it, you will always be reminded to keep your heart pure and to never stop developing yourself.

What other meanings do different interpretations of iris tattoos have?

There are several symbols that have the same meaning as this flower. For example, iris can be associated with eyes or blue color, people who are blind or someone who has opened their third eye. The Greek goddess Iris was a messenger of the gods and also represented rainbows. She is often depicted flying over ponds early in the morning (sometimes carrying messages of peace).

People who are interested in the Egyptian culture may know that this flower was dedicated to Hathor, goddess of joy, love and fertility. She was often depicted wearing a headdress with iris flowers. Iris is also an emblem for Iris Foltz-Bely who lived in Germany in the 19th century and was a talented artist.

The Roman goddess Iris belonged to the same group of gods as Zeus and Hera, she was also flying over ponds early in the morning carrying messages. Almost every culture has some legend about this flower or its origin.

Iris flower tattoos can be made on virtually any part of the body, both by amateurs and professionals. You can choose a classic black and gray or color drawings.

However, if you are thinking about tattooing iris on the body, do not forget that this flower has deep symbolic meaning in many cultures.

You should know what exactly does iris tattoo mean to you. So, go ahead and make you choice !

Iris arm tattoo
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