Jackalope Tattoo Meaning and symbolism

The jackalope is an American mythical animal fashioned from the fusion of a rabbit and antelope. The word “jackalope” is a mash up of the word “Jackrabbit” and the scientific term for antelopes: “Antilocapra.”

Jackalope with flowers leg tattoo @ halloween__parade
Jackalope with flowers leg tattoo halloween__parade

About jackalopes

A jackalope is an animal that has been described primarily in tall tales such as the Frank Buck book “Wild Life Adventures” (1932). A cross between a hare and an antelope, it was supposedly observed by Frank Buck but has not been shown to exist outside of tall tales.

A jackalope is usually described as having antelope horns on its head, a short stubby tail, and long ears. It is usually described to be the size of a small dog. The average height of the jackalope is 14 inches (35.5 cm) tall at the shoulder, which is not very big for an animal that sounds so much like a wonderful fabled creature.

But it isn’t just folklore animals that people know about and love; there is an entire culture of tattoos dedicated to them!

Jackalopes were once common sight in the prairie lands of America, back before it was settled by Americans. These animals were not particularly shy, and they became a bit of a nuisance to the settlers. So, they were hunted down, though the creature has never been seen again as stated in  zooatlanta.

But there are still those who have made it their duty to defend these creatures of the wild, or at least be their little symbol of hope. These people sit around, wishing that the jackalope would come back (which is what you’d want to do in any wilderness).

But those kinds of wishes can’t come true – but, if you do choose to get a Jackalope tattoo, you might just get lucky.

What’s the meaning behind jackalope tattoos ?

The lovable jackalope is a symbol for good luck and fortune. Since the animal is a cross between a hare and an antelope, it is often depicted as having long ears, a long tail, and horns like an antelope. This creature is most often seen with its head up at the sky, or in some cases, with its front legs up in front of its face!

The Jackalope is also seen in folklore and tradition as a symbol of playfulness. It’s often associated with drinking or gambling, but can also signify danger or trickery.

Its horns are often seen as symbols of masculine energy, while its fur is typically seen as signifying feminine energy. It can be an expression of duality and , and a personification of both feminine and masculine energies in the same body. It’s often used to signify androgyny, or specifically: Hermaphrodism.

jackalope arm tattoo
jackalope arm tattoo @ arynntaylortattoo

What is the best tattoo color for a jackalope tattoo ?

Jackalope tattoo designs can be colored or black and grey. They are often done in traditional color schemes, but other options exist as well.

Some people choose to color their Jackalope tattoos in bright colors. These are often more cartoonish, especially if they are meant to be children friendly or family friendly. The vibrant colors work well on the animal’s soft fur.

What is the best tattoo placement for a jackalope tattoo ?

Jackalope tattoos are typically small in size, but can be done in larger sizes if someone is looking for a particularly detailed Jackalope tattoo.

The animal is most commonly placed on the hips, stomachs, or behind the ear. They can also be put on an ankle or wrist.

I have found people getting this tattoo on their arms and legs and that’s very practical in my opinion .

This tattoo can look good on both men and women, and women are perhaps a little more appropriate at that. I prefer the face to be more decorated;

I think it looks best with a few small, delicate flowers around the eyes and maybe some light eyeliner also. The animal head is pretty much standard on this tattoo, so don’t worry too much about having it too big or too small – just make sure that it looks good when you’re wearing a t-shirt.

jackalope tattoo design ideas

This mythological creature is usually depicted carrying a bow and arrows like Cupid the God of love.

Jackalope tattoos are mostly inspired by American culture. They are often designed to look like illustrations from children’s books, or the one seen on the famous “Jackalope” postcards.

There are also other designs that feature more realistic images of these creatures. These tattoos can be quite small but still packed with symbolism, usually referring to mischief or lust.

jackalope leg tattoo
jackalope leg tattoo @ conall.minter.tattoos