Jupiter tattoo meaning and symbolism

The planet Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet of the solar system. It’s also considered as a gas giant because its composition isn’t rocky like Earth but it’s mainly made up of gases such as hydrogen, helium and methane.

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The name “Jupiter” is derived from Greek mythology where Zeus was known as the king of gods and men.

In Chinese astrology, Jupiter is known as the star of the “yang” fortune and it represents wisdom, wealth and power.

In modern days, tattoo designs featuring Jupiter have become increasingly popular because it represents a successful journey that leads to a goal-achievement.

It’s also believed that people with this symbol can achieve success in life because of Jupiter’s power.

Since this planet is associated to good luck, people who want to improve their financial status usually get it tattooed on them.

The planet Jupiter has four major moons that are known as the Galilean Moons which are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

People with tattoos featuring these moons usually want to emphasize on the importance of relationships that are built on strong foundations.

The same thing is true with tattoos featuring Jupiter’s astrological sign which is Sagittarius. In mythology, Sagittarius was known as a centaur-a half man half horse creature that symbolized higher ideals and spirituality.

The zodiac sign of Sagittarius is a half man and half horse creature that represents higher ideals and spirituality.

The Sagittarius sign of Jupiter symbolizes open mindedness, honesty and integrity.

People with this zodiac sign tattoo sometimes place arrows behind the planet or they put it near bows to emphasize on its meaning as a centaur with an arrow.

For people with the zodiac sign Taurus, they usually put it tattooed behind their backs to symbolize balance which is their main goal in life. A lot of people also get tattoos that feature arrows pointing towards this planet meaning that they are willing to travel any path that will lead them to success.

People who have Jupiter as a tattoo usually want to emphasize on the importance of relationships with other people.

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People who have this planet as a tattoo often times love animals and nature which is why they like to place it near pet animals or plants that resemble natural beauty such as flowers and trees.

If you’re planning on getting a tattoo for yourself, make sure you represent the symbol of Jupiter as accurately as possible to achieve the true meaning behind it.