Keyboard tattoo meaning

A keyboard tattoo is typically placed on one’s hand, wrist or the area below the forearm. The areas are where they can be easily seen by other computer users. However, if you feel like you need another place to put your keyboard tattoo then go ahead and do so.

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The keyboard tattoos would usually have a human hand with a face in it. This might be a little creepy for some people but if done right then it would be okay. Plus it does not hurt that you would have a cool looking image of a human hand with a face in your skin forevermore!

Keyboard tattoos can mean various things. Some people may consider it as art, or a design that they want to make themselves unique. The symbols on the keyboard are also significant because you need to remember them every time you use the computer. Here are some ideas why people have keyboard tattoos:


1) If you’re really into computers and can’t imagine living without one then this might be for you. It is not just an ordinary tattoo, but something that would last forever!


2) You can use it as your hobby or interest whether it’s playing games, coding programs or typing down notes. This could be used as inspiration to do what you love doing most with your computer!


3) They are usually connected with creativity because tend to use their hands more to type. If you are artistic, then this might be for you.


4) Some people use it as an eye-catcher; these tattoos are usually seen by other computer users, which is why they may attract more attention! However if you do not want that much attention then the symbols on the keyboard would also work.


5) These tattoos signify ownership over something, so if there’s something you always use every day to earn your living or just for fun then this can be significant. Plus it would show everyone what you love doing most especially with computers!


6) It could also mean their addiction to technology and how they cannot live without their gadgets anymore. This symbolizes the sheer joy of games, surfing the net or doing anything with the computer.


Keyboard tattoos are cool for some people but not all of them are really into it. This might just be a simple tattoo, but they could also have certain meanings behind it.

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If you want to find out more about what your keyboard tattoo means then ask yourself in the mirror! It is hard to know why these people have keyboard tattoos unless you’re in their shoes already. Just go ahead and do your research if this is what you love doing most or use computers! Also make sure that you really want this kind of tattoo before committing yourself because these would stay on your skin forevermore!



Here are some cool designs for keyboard tattoos:


1) A keyboard with an image of a human face on it.


2) Tattoos that would show how you can never live without your gadgets (cellphone, tablet, laptop and computer).


3) A simple key tattoo design that may be colorful or black and white. You can also put symbols on the keys to make it more interesting.


4) The letters of the keyboard tattooed together and lined up in a row (the best way to remember where they are located is by using their first letter).


5) Symbols like stars or musical notes depending on what you love doing most with your gadgets! Just look for symbols related to your interests, hobbies or if want something simple then just use the letters themselves as clues.


6) A ring of symbols or a spiral tattoo to make it more interesting.


7) The keyboard keys tattooed together in a line with a banner underneath it. This is for people who love using the computer!


8) If you’re into programming then why not have this as your design? You can use different colors and symbols too depending on what you like most about coding programs.


9) Quotes from famous books, lyrics from your favorite songs or words that will always remind yourself of how much you love gadgets and technology! These quotes can also come from famous individuals who made important discoveries in the early stages of technology!

Just remember to do some research before committing yourself to any tattoo .