Kintaro tattoo meaning and symbolism

Kintaro tattoo meaning is to follow the hero in Japanese folklore Kintarou , wild child who became an incredible brave man.

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His story is very popular in Japan since he represents Japanese strong will and courage .

He got tattoos on his body when he turned 16 , because it’s considered that this age symbolizes adulthood . Kintarou’s tattoos , called Horimono, look like koi and dragon.

Koi is a carp fish and symbolizes courage and heroism . As for the dragon it represents eternal life and power .

Long story short, Kintarou’s story ends with him becoming Emperor of Japan.

Kintarou’s story is taught in Japanese schools as being an example of courage, determination and taking your fate into your own hands . It also teaches children about respecting the adults and how to behave like a true man .

Kintaro tattoo has several variants depending on the placement of the tattoo on the body. He usually gets tattoos on both arms and legs to look like a true warrior. The placement of the tattoo can also be influenced by his wife’s family crest.

As for the symbolism behind kintarou’s tattoos, there are many variants. Some say that it represents his wish to be strong , while other people think that he got tattoos on his body when turning 16 because this age symbolizes adulthood in Japan .

The last thing that we should mention is that Kintarou and his story became very popular among criminals. They used to get tattoos of koi fish on their body, because they want to resemble the real hero .

As for symbols , you can choose both Japanese symbols or Chinese ones. It all depends on what you think fits the best . When it comes to colors, it’s best to avoid bright colors, because they aren’t popular in traditional kintaro tattoos .

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Kintarou is a great tattoo idea for both men and women. His powerful figure can be amazing on the back or other visible parts of the body. On the other hand , this tattoo might not be suitable for everyone, because of its large size .

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