What does a kunai tattoo mean? ( answered )

Tattooing is one of the oldest art forms in the world. There are no written records to prove who created tattoos and health benefits, but people have been getting cool designs on their skin for centuries.

This post will cover the meaning of a kunai tattoo. What is it? Why would someone get this design on their skin? Does a kunai tattoo mean anything? Check out our answers to these questions below!

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Background of the Kunai Tattoo

A Kunai Knife Tattoo Symbolizes The Adventure In Life, Facing Danger Head-On Without Regrets. Symbolized By The Brave Ninjas In Their Quest For Glory.

A kunai is a farming tool that resembles a large dagger and has many uses like digging, loosening soil for planting, cutting weeds, etc. The blade of the kunai has traditionally been made from metal or wood and the handle is made from bamboo or wood. However, Kunai are now also popularly made from stainless steel.

The kunai will be something a ninja will use for close-range combat during battle when using ninjutsus. It is usually carried by a ninja within a pouch attached to their back or in the waistband of their pants or sash on their backside. The kunai is referred to as a short sword in the Naruto anime and manga.

In the Naruto series, the kunai is a basic ninja weapon that every ninja can use. It is useful for throwing at long-range opponents or slashing an opponent quickly close-up. A ninja will use a kunai to deliver fatal blows on their enemy when necessary.

floral kunai tattoo
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Meaningful Kunai Tattoos

A kunai is a type of knife in Japanese culture – it has a blade on one end and a digging tool on the other. It’s like the Swiss Army knife of Japan. Kunai tattoo symbolizes power, protection from evil spirits, and many other meanings.

Nowadays, kunai tattoos are usually done in black. The symbol is traditionally done on full body pieces. A white outline may be used to give it a more decorative and stylish look – especially if the tattooist is an expert in freehand work.

Japanese characters can also be added to the design, as well as other symbols to represent a specific meaning.

Kunai tattoo design tattoo ideas

colorful leg kunai tattoo
colorful leg kunai with flowers tattoo @naru.tattoo

There are many ways on how to get yourself tattooed with kunai. You can have it inked in one single color only or you can opt to have multiple colors for more appealing looks.

The most common design that you will hear about involves having three kunais stacked on top of each other. This adds depth and gives it an added visual appeal, plus there’s also the art of illusion at work here which makes it look like they are really connected to one another even though they are not physically touching.

kunai triceps tattoo
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But of course, you can always have a different design for your kunai tattoo. It’s all up to you and the artist whom you will hire to do this for you.

Finding a Reliable Kunai Tattoo Artist

As with any other tattoos out there, it is important that only the best artists do them for you. This is because they are responsible not just for permanently marking or etching something on your skin but also creating a piece of art on your body.

This means that the quality of their work speaks a lot about their skills as well as how much they value their profession as an artist. So whenever you have plans on getting yourself inked with this popular design from Naruto, make sure that only those highly-skilled experts do it for you.

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Look into the portfolio of artists that you are considering and check out their designs. It’s a good idea to have a list of possible tattoo artists who can take on your kunai tattoo project so that this will be easier for you if ever you find yourself in need of an artist.

What are the most common meanings behind Japanese tattoos?

There are many opportunities for people to get creative with their tattoo designs, but some typical symbols include: dragon (representing power), phoenix (representing rebirth), cherry blossom (representing love between lovers or friends), samurai armor (defense) and crested crane (longevity).

kunai rib tattoo
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