Larkspur tattoo meaning and symbolism

Larkspur is a delicate, yet vibrant flower that belongs to the genus Consolida and is part of the Ranunculaceae family. You can find larkspur everywhere from meadows, hillsides and roadsides all over Europe, North America and Asia. But it’s not quite as popular botanical tattoo subject as some other flowers, like roses or daisies.

what does a larkspur tattoo stand for ?

Larkspur tattoos are usually associated with innocence, grace and purity because of their many similarities to a little girl’s skirts. This would give the person wearing this symbol an airy femininity that can be interpreted in different ways depending on who sees it on a person.

larkspur arm tattoo
larkspur arm tattoo @ uhhhhtaco

The symbolism of larkspur tattoos:

– innocence;

– femininity;

– elegance;

– nobility;

– delicate beauty.

Larkspur tattoo meanings in different cultures

Larkspur is also associated with a variety of different superstitions and beliefs on a global scale, depending mostly on the culture it’s being viewed from.

In China, for example, it has been known as “the king’s flower” since the Zhou Dynasty . It represents nobility and power because of its color, shape and beauty.

On the other hand, in Bulgaria and Serbia larkspur is associated with death and mourning, as it blooms around Easter time, when people visit cemeteries and prepare for funerals of their loved ones with full mourning attire.

In Christianity, larkspur has been used as a “visual aid” during the Holy Week to represent the fragility of life. In other parts of Christianity, it is considered an offering to God and a symbol for thanksgiving after taking care of one’s health.

In Japan, larkspur flowers are said to dispel evil spirits and protect the wearer from evil influences and avert misfortune.

In Persia, larkspur is a symbol of love and was often used as a decoration for weddings. In some parts of India, on the other hand, it is called “the wish-fulfilling gem” and worn as an amulet to attract good fortune and ward off bad luck.

On a lighter note, larkspur is also associated with springtime, which is the time when it blooms every year. Because of this, people who plan to get a tattoo of larkspur may want to include the season or a specific date it was done in their design.

Larkspur flower tattoos can be pretty and dainty as long as they are done right. They can also be a little more symbolic and include something that relates to the symbolism of this flower, like a heart or some other shapes that resemble larkspur petals.

Larkspur behind the ear tattoo
Larkspur behind the ear tattoo @ tattooer_woorin

Larkspur tattoo designs and meanings

The symbolism of larkspur can be interpreted in different ways depending on the cultural background. If you are getting a larkspur flower tattooed, make sure to find out what it means to the artist who will do it for you. Here are some popular styles of drawing larkspur tattoos:

– watercolor version of larkspur, often in a bowl or vase for some additional symbolism;

– larkspur with a butterfly flying nearby to add more grace and femininity to the design;

– larkspur with a bumble bee on its petal to add some humor into this delicate flower tattoo.

Larkspur tattoos are usually done in blackwork style because its delicate outline can be easily emphasized by shading. You can also get it done in color, but make sure that the artist draws every petal with love and patience to make the tattoo truly beautiful.

Larkspur tattoos look best when drawn on wrist, foot or lower back area. Here are the most popular body places where you can get a larkspur tattoo:

– on the lower back;

– on the wrist;

– near ankle bone.

Larkspur tattoos are mostly done by female tattoo artists because they particularly enjoy decorating such feminine and gentle designs. A larkspur flower is also widely used in different types of floral or feminine tattoos.

Larkspur flower tattoos are great for watercolor or blackwork style, so they can be easily covered up with clothing if necessary. They look delicate and feminine, but also pretty vibrant.