Leopard tattoo meaning

Leopard tattoos can mean different things to people. Each individual chooses the tattoo meaning that appeals to them the most.

The Leopard tattoos are usually chosen by women since it has a symbolic meaning in this sex. The fact that leopard is an animal associated with cunning, beauty, strength and power makes this animal one of the most popular amongst female patrons.

Leopard tattoos are also one of the tattoo designs that are most requested by people who have survived a particular disease, accident or battle.

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It is said to be an animal representing power and strength which can give them motivation in overcoming their struggle. As such it can represent love, beauty, strong will power and life energy in general.

The leopard tattoo design has a strong symbolic meaning in some indigenous cultures such as that of the Egyptians, Greeks and Nubians. Most of them believed that the animal is associated with the goddess of war Sekhmet. They usually represented it as a woman with cat features such as ears and tail standing over evil forces to defeat them. This belief has also contributed to the popularity of this tattoo among women, who see it as an emblem of power and victory.

The leopard tattoos come in many varieties since there are so many types of leopards. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Zigzag patterned Leopards: these African leopards live at higher altitudes than other species and have a unique zigzag pattern that distinguishes them from other species. This is the leopard tattoo that many people, especially those who live in Africa, choose to represent strength and power.
  • Black Leopards: this type of leopard has a beautiful shiny fur and can be also identified by their unique black rosettes which makes them look like they are wearing dark suits even when they are standing at tall grasses. Many women choose these leopard tattoos as an emblem of uniqueness and beauty.
  • Leopard Head Tattoos: usually representing roaring beasts with big wide open mouths coming towards one’s face; these tattoos have meanings such as courage and ferocity. Sometimes they can be designed to resemble skulls or skeletons making them more menacing than beautiful. This is generally considered to be a symbol of death and destruction.

There are also some symbolic meanings associated with leopard tattoos that depend on the location in which they are drawn on the body. A popular example is its placement at the waist over one’s birth date. According to Chinese astrology, such leopards can mean either good or bad fortune depending on their numbers, i.e., 1 for self-destruction while 2 means success.

Another instance where this tattoo can have an important meaning is if it is drawn on one’s back and then surrounded by flowers and vines; such design represents femininity and beauty especially when made by a woman. Other areas that can be used for leopard tattoos include: chest, wrist, ankles and shoulders.

The leopard tattoo designs are not only popular with women but men as well. It has different meanings for both sexes which make it unique to each individual patron. Some of the reasons why many people opt for this design include:

· Courage and strength

· Boldness of character

· Decisiveness of character.

These traits are what most of the people believe the leopard symbolizes even though there is no documented proof of these claims except from ancient civilizations such as those in Egypt where they used the animal’s body parts including teeth, claws and skins to create amulets that would protect them from evil forces. This belief also led to a widespread practice among hunters where they would wear these animal parts as a way of intimidating their foes. In the modern age, these traits are now associated with warriors who have survived wars, athletes and those who have overcome challenges in life.

Leopard tattoos can include flowers and vines to give it a more feminine and delicate look. This will depend on the style and location on which they are drawn: back, shoulder blade or chest for instance which almost always make them very empowering designs.

The leopard is one of the most unique wild cats; it not only has large rosettes patterns across its fur but also its spots vary from individual to individual even within the same litter of cubs (Katz & Weaver 448). There are many symbolic meanings that can be associated with leopard tattoos. For instance, leopard can be associated with courage and strength or death and destruction depending on the context and symbolism involved in the design.