Lightsaber Tattoo Meanings and symbolism

As in the movies, in real life too people tend to get inked with a lightsaber and would probably want to know what does lightsaber tattoos symbolize. As you can see from some of the photos shared by our readers below, many wonder if tattooing one’s body with a lightsaber means something or whether it would be just a work of art.

Lightsaber arm tattoo
Lightsaber arm tattoo @ wonderlinestattooart

Below are some of the reasons why people get Lightsaber tattoos, as shared by our readers.

1) Symbol For The Hardcore Star Wars Fan

The first reason is that if anyone is a hardcore fan of Star Wars then getting a lightsaber tattoo would be one way to show that he or she is a die hard fan of the series. Just like other movie or comic book fans who get tattoos of their favorite super heroes.

2) A Symbol For Toughness And Courage

The lightsaber is a weapon used by the Jedi knights and it symbolizes courage, strength and toughness. Being Star Wars fans themselves, those who get these tattoos actually consider themselves as tough and strong people using a lightsaber as a permanent body tattoo would be a good way of showing that to the world. Like those who get Batman tattoos.

3) A Symbol Of Love And Loyalty

The third reason for getting lightsaber tattoos is that it symbolizes love and loyalty. Those who want to dedicate their lives to someone or something like a family, club, band etc usually gets these body arts as a sign of loyalty and devotion. Since the movies shows lightsaber being used by the Jedi knights to fight for good, then getting one would be a way of showing that you are ready to do anything in support of your loved ones.

4) A Symbol Of Power And Freedom

The fourth reason is power and freedom. As in the movies, Luke Skywalker wanted to become a Jedi knight so he could have power and freedom, then those who get these tattoos want to show that they are powerful and free people.

5) A Symbol Of Strength And Courage

The fifth reason is that lightsaber actually symbolizes strength and courage. Just like in the movies where Darth Vader was able to destroy several rebel soldiers with his lightsaber so it means wielding this weapon would give you huge power and strength.

6) A Symbol Of Rebellion And Liberty

Finally, the sixth reason is that it symbolizes rebellion and liberty. The rebels in Star Wars were able to destroy both Death Stars with their helicopters, probably using the same weapons which are no match for the Star Destroyers so anyone who want to show they can stand up to any oppressor would get these tattoos.

Star Wars fans usually love everything that has to do with their favorite movies and they often show their love for the series by getting different kinds of Star Wars tattoos . Below are some of the most popular ones including Lightsaber tattoos, Darth Vader tattoos, Yoda tattoos etc.

Lightsaber arm tattoo
Lightsaber arm tattoo @ teleparke

Lightsaber tattoo placements and their meaning

The lightsaber tattoos are usually inked on the side of the chest, shoulder blades etc. After all why would you want to get them inked across your face when Darth Vader has his lightsaber around his waist height?

Lightsaber tattoos can be done in different styles and colors . Here are some of the most popular places to get them as well as what they symbolize:

1. On The Side Of The Body – showing strength and power

2. On The Back Of The Body – showing loyalty and courage

3. Under The Ribs – symbolizes rebellion, liberty and freedom

4. Behind The Ear – for rebellious people

5. Across the chest – they are the most common tattoos for Star Wars fans . So if you’re thinking of getting one then it should be on your chest with the lightsaber pointing towards your neck.

Lightsaber tattoo colors and their meaning

The lightsaber tattoos can be inked in different colors and each color has its own meaning. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. Red Lightsaber – symbolizes anger and rage so if you need to get a tattoo on your chest, this one should be on top of it since it won’t fade away for many years unlike others.

2. Blue Lightsaber – symbolizes peace, wisdom and loyalty

3. Green Lightsaber – symbolizes jealousy and envy so you can ink it on your forearm if you want to show everyone how envious of someone else’s success you are.

4. Yellow lightsaber – represents danger, excitement and courage so it should be inked on the upper arms if you want to show off your courage.

5. Purple Lightsaber – symbolizes royalty and power so it should be inked on some body parts such as shoulders or chest to show that they are high ranking people who deserve respect from those around them.

Lightsaber arm tattoos
Lightsaber arm tattoos @ code_tattoos