Lilac tattoo meaning and symbolism

Who doesn’t like lilacs? They are just the sweetest smelling flowers. If you ever wondered what does Lilac tattoo mean or symbolizes, then here they are:

Lilacs happen to be one of my most favorite flowers in the world. I love their smell and how beautiful they look. There is no coincidence that I have lilac tattoos. The reason why? I just loved them too much!

Lilacs represent pleasure, intoxication, and tenderness. They are symbols of gratitude and grace. Lilac is also a perfect flower for June that has deep feminine symbolism to offer.

lilac arm tattoo
lilac arm tattoo @ bery_forestink

Here are some other things you may like to know about lilacs:

• They represent rejuvenation and new beginnings. The lilac is a strong symbol of springtime and the renewal of life. The reason why they are favored by brides for their weddings, too.

• In fact, many people get lilac tattoos with wedding symbols like rings or love letters wrapped around the stem. Another good reason could be a child’s birth.

• Lilacs are also associated with dreaming and fairy tales, as well as the return of happiness.

• This flower is related to love, beauty, and purity. It can be used as a symbol against slander or betrayal. In other words, its essence stands for grace under fire.

• In Japan, lilacs are a sign of female beauty.

• The classic idea of femininity is best represented through the image of a lilac tree in blossom. For centuries, people have been using them as a decoration at weddings and naming them after their beloved ones.

In short, lilacs have been closely associated with love for more than 2,000 years.

It is believed that the legend of lilacs started at Ancient Greece, where people used to go on their wedding day and throw wheat seeds into a jar filled with water. After all the seeds were planted, they could expect to have 1/3 children, 2/3 sorrows. The number of days between each child was also supposed to depend on the number of seeds that did not take root. According to this story, if all the wheat seeds took root, then it meant that they would have a child every month during the next year. That’s why this tradition became known as “Lilac Time.”

Over time, this practice spread across Europe and was adopted by different cultures. In the end, it evolved into a custom that is still alive and well in some countries today.

This leads to another legend about the lilac tree, which is full of symbolism and magic. According to this tale, after Zeus was defeated by his father Cronus, he fled on an eagle to the land where the Hesperides lived. When Cronus came looking for him, Zeus changed himself into a bird and hid among the branches of a tall tree in the form of a lilac blossom. Cronus made peace with his son when he saw how much care the Hesperides took over this tree.

In return, Zeus bestowed several gifts upon the land. The most important of them all was the lilac trees.

lilac wrist tattoo
lilac wrist tattoo @ paganinkbysarahstreet

Why are there so many people with lilac tattoos today?

As stated before, the lilac is one of the most popular flower tattoos. It is also a perfect example of how flowers are being used in tattoo art today.

The meaning behind these tattoos is usually closely related to femininity and love. The symbolism that they carry is mostly about new beginnings, grace under fire, or rejuvenation.

By getting a lilac tattoo, you can express these meanings and values. You can also show off your romantic side by wearing a beautiful flower on your skin.

There is no limit to the number of designs that can be created using this flower. When it comes to its symbolic meaning, every part of the plant matters, although its blossoms are by far the most popular choice.

If you want to make a symbol of femininity and grace your permanent reminder, then getting a lilac tattoo may just be what you need in life.

lilac and rose tattoo meaning

You’ll often see people getting tattoos in the shape of roses and lilacs together.

You might wonder if their meanings are the same.

Well, the short answer is no.

The long answer, on the other hand, requires some explanations.

Lilac and rose tattoos usually represent love and beauty. They can also be used to symbolize two things that go together or are related in any way possible.

Their meanings are mainly the same when it comes to pure romance.

However, when you look at them closely, you’ll see that they are different in some aspects.

For example, the lilac is believed to be a sign of female beauty. It has been associated with love for thousands of years, and it’s often used as decoration at weddings.

On the other hand, roses are not connected with any gender when it comes to their symbolism. They are also not related to love in particular, although they are often used in that context.

That’s why when you see people with lilac and rose tattoos you can be sure that their main meaning is romance.

lilac foot tattoo
lilac foot tattoo @ violka_tattoo