Lobelia tattoo Meaning and symbolism

The Lobelia flower tattoo meaning is quite different according to the symbolism of the Celtic mythology. The Celts used this plant as a symbol of rebirth, because it seemed to come back every year after its death during the cold season.

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They believed that this was due to its tenacious personality and they were inspired by these qualities. If you are looking for symbolism related to rebirth or simply want an original tattoo design without being very explicit, then this could be your first choice!

But if your desire is rather more spiritual than physical, you might be interested in knowing what other layers of meaning are hiding behind this type of design. We’ll see all about it below! And do not worry, even if you are not familiar with this mythology, this plant will inspire your imagination without the slightest difficulty.

The Lobelia flower tattoo meaning in Celtic symbolism

In ancient times, when nature was still full of magic and mystery, the Celts showed great respect for every living being who shared their life. This allowed them to appreciate nature in a profound way and draw inspiration from it. And they naturally took advantage of that to create powerful symbols that represented their values ​​and faith .

One such symbol is this plant species known today under the name “Lobelia” … But its original name was “lobel” which comes from the Celtic word “lubellos” meaning “little tongue”. In botanical terms, lobelia or also blue cardinal flower belongs to the genus Lobelia of the family Campanulaceae.

This plant is originally from South America, but it spread quickly around the world and was very appreciated for its ornamental qualities, as well as medicinal properties. It was so popular that it received several common names such as: blue bells, Cardinal flower or Great lobelia . But if we want to get back to their symbolism, let’s take a step back in time!

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The Lobelia flower tattoo meaning in other mythogies

In Greek mythology, the Lobelia was known as the “Tears of Leto”, a woman who had been transformed into a laurel. In Greek culture, this flower is strongly associated with Apollo and it’s said that he wore a crown woven from its branches. A clear reference to its symbolism in Celtic culture!

In Roman culture, it is said that this plant was used to cure the throat. This fact could explain why, in antiquity, it was thought that its roots contained a bird called “siva”, whose song sounded like the larynx of the little blackbird. Furthermore, when Apollo fought against Python (the snake with hundred heads), his sister Artemis killed himwith an arrow made of lobelia. Finally, in Hindu culture, this flower symbolizes change because death is associated with renewal since it ensures rebirth after winter.