Locket and key tattoo meaning

Within the realm of tattoos, it is difficult to find ones that are more indicative of one’s personal feelings than a Locket and Key tattoo. The meaning behind this tattoo can be seen in two different ways, depending on who you are asking.

Those who are still searching for the truth are typically given the Christian interpretation where they are told that it stands for the completion of Christ on the cross, while others will say that it stands for the completion of one’s self.

Locket and key couple tattoo
Locket and key couple tattoo @ humboldt.ink

So what does locket and key tattoos mean ?

The meaning behind a locket and key tattoo can be summed up in two ways, the traditional Christian, that the wearer is a “Christian,” or the more common, which looks to embrace oneself.

Some people have been thinking that locket and key tattoos mean “forever together” or being a match.

And that is true, but not the original meaning of this tattoo. The word “Forever” is written as an infinity symbol (∞) instead of as two words like forever and always do.

The infinity symbol, as shown above, is not a single letter or word itself. It is two overlapping circles with lines inside them, which can be described as a plus sign or just a circle with a line through it.

Others have been speculating that they represent a parent-child relationship.

This might be true for some couples who are in their adult years now and see the tattoo as representing their relationship to each other, but I am surprised by those who would see this tattoo like this because both parents will never get it after they are gone from their kids’ lives.

How many parents will get inked in the same position (parent holding child)? If this was their own parents, then it would be one to one.

Locket and key tattoos may also represent fear of never being able to find the right person.

(A 24 year old girl asked for this tattoo on her ankle because she “felt like she would never find the right person.”)

That makes a lot of sense, but I think it’s going a little too far.

Locket and key couple tattoo
Locket and key couple tattoo @ sleepwalkink