Lotus chandelier tattoo meaning and symbolism

The chandelier illuminates the skin with a delicate floral design.

“I wanted something that was really feminine and pretty, but not too blingy,” says M.Michelle of her elaborate back tat. “So I designed this Lotus Chandelier tattoo to mimic an antique heirloom piece.” Although she’s a tatt newbie, the 23-year-old entrepreneur from Wisconsin often frequents local Milwaukee tattoo shops to check out the artistry. “I’m hooked!” she smiles. Michelle’s favorite artists are D.Smith and C.O’Donnell at Milwaukee Tattoo Company, where her Lotus chandelier was inked.

Lotus chandelier chest tattoo
Lotus chandelier chest tattoo @ allayna_tattooist

The lotus flower is often used in tattoo designs because of its association with purity and enlightenment. In Buddhist symbolism, the lotus represents the growth of the soul from the mud of materialism into the light of spiritual awareness.

For Michelle, the lotus chandelier tattoo symbolizes her journey from a young girl into a woman. “The lotus is starting to bloom, and the chandelier is like the light that guides me on my path,” she explains. “It’s also a reminder to stay positive and hopeful through life’s ups and downs.”

Lotus chandelier chest tattoo
Lotus chandelier chest tattoo @ ntat2

Whether you’re looking for a feminine and pretty tattoo design or something with a more spiritual meaning, the lotus chandelier is a beautiful option. If you’re thinking of getting this design, be sure to check out the work of your favorite tattoo artists to get some ideas on how to bring this beauty to life on your skin!

Lotus chandelier leg tattoo
Lotus chandelier leg tattoo @ theofficial_inklady