Macaw tattoo meaning and symbolism

Macaws are very colorful birds that can be seen flying in groups in the tropical rainforest. These birds have many different species and all of them have a rich plumage. They live in nests made from twigs and leaves and at the bottom they lay two to three white eggs.

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They have a large bulky body with a long tail and their wings are smaller in proportion to the body. Their beaks are sharp, hooked at the end and strong enough to tear apart tree branches.

Macaw’s name comes from Native American language means “big red bird”. This is one of few parrots that can fly backwards. They are very loud birds that love to squawk for minutes at a time.

They are very social animals and they love to be in groups of many individuals. They can form deep bonds with other members of their kind and if one individual dies, the others grieve for them by staying near the corpse for days.

Macaws also have a very long life span, even longer than a human being. The oldest macaws have been recorded to live for over 100 years.

Macaw tattoo meaning and symbolism:

Spiritually, these birds are seen as messengers from another world. They can bring knowledge, wisdom and the ability to enlighten others with their songs and stories.

They also represent freedom since they have no issue flying from one continent to another. Their bright colors show the brightness of sun and joy, as well as happiness and spirituality.

This bird is also a symbol of love, beauty and grace. In many cultures, they are seen as a sign of good luck or a harbinger for celebrations during holidays or ceremonies.

In the world of art, macaws are often drawn in portraits. These beautiful birds can also be seen painted on vases and murals because they usually live close to the sea coast or rivers where water is readily available. So, if you want to tattoo a macaw on your body, it will represent beauty, grace and freedom in the form of a flying bird.

Macaw tattoos are often drawn as full back pieces or as tattoos that cover the complete torso of a person. It can be drawn in an upright position with wings spread to give it a majestic effect and if you love birds, then this is definitely a tattoo for you!

macaw tattoo designs:

A macaw tattoo can be drawn in many ways and because of their bright colors, they look amazing. You can get it drawn on different parts of your body such as shoulders, arms, chest or back; the choice is yours.

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Since macaws are colorful birds with a very large wingspan, you can draw them like any other bird tattoos. You can get the whole body of the bird drawn along with its head, legs and wings. Or you can get its face or eyes inked alone.

Macaws’ most common colors are blue, red, yellow, white and green. So you need not worry about incorporating them all in your macaw tattoo design ideas .

In India, they are considered to be a sign of peace and joy.