Mace tattoo meaning and symbolism

Mace tattoos are an interesting kind of tattoo that can be used to symbolize a number of different things. These include honor, service, protection, power and even royalty or wealth. However no matter what the meaning behind it is there are three common themes with mace tattoos.

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Mace Tattoo Meanings

The first theme is in reference to the mace itself and in this case it is used in reference to power and strength. These tattoos can be small and subtle or large and showy; however when you see one, there’s no denying that the bearer of such a tattoo has got something pretty special going on if nothing else than in their own heads.

The second theme with mace tattoos is that they are a symbol of honor and service. In this case, the tattoo itself will usually have a historical reference to it. Some examples include knights, soldiers or police officers. More modern references also include firefighters and other first responders as well as elected officials who serve in some political capacity. This might also be a reference to the biblical character of David who was also both a king and a soldier.

The third theme is in reference to royalty and wealth. This can be used as an allusion to either earned or inherited status and power and again, there are usually some kind of historical, religious or mythological references made with these types of tattoos.

Mace Tattoo Designs

While each of the three themes has its own design, there are also some that can be used for any or all of them at once. A few examples include ancient weapons like axes and spears, winged orbs like those associated with Zeus (king of the gods), crowns and daggers.

Mace Tattoo Placement

The placement of mace tattoos does vary from person to person. For example, a tattoo in honor or service might be placed on an arm or a leg whereas one that is used in reference to power and strength will most likely be placed somewhere on the back. A design in reference to royalty and wealth is usually placed on the chest or stomach.