Magnolia tattoo meaning and symbolism

The Magnolia flower symbolism is rooted in the very essence of femininity and it doesn’t matter whether you are a man or a woman, if you choose to ink this flower on your body – you will not be doing wrong because it speaks to everyone.

What makes the magnolia tattoo design so special is that it’s been connected with females since the beginning of time. When you are looking for a tattoo idea, it is worth considering, because it will surely make you look sexy on all occasions.

Magnolia chest tattoo
Magnolia chest tattoo @gami_ttt

What’s the meaning behind magnolia tattoos?


The flower meaning that comes with this image is “Beauty“. You can’t deny that when you see one magnolia flower in full bloom, the word that comes to your mind first is “beauty”. This is not some illusion you create in your mind. The magnolia flower looks beautiful, it smells great and the shape is even more attractive. Just imagine how sexy a woman can look when she has this tattoo design on her body.

purity and truth

The symbolism that comes with the meaning of this flower is also universal. It speaks about purity and truth, but also about the seductive ways of a woman. It is no wonder that this flower has been connected with women since ancient times. Even today you can see why it wouldn’t be wrong to connect the image of a magnolia tattoo design on someone’s body with femininity.


Love So much like the beauty, magnolia flower tattoos are associated with love. This is all down to its symbolism. The flower represents “life in all its beauty”, which sounds like a perfect combination when you want to express your affection for someone or something in your life.

It can also represent that special place where you feel loved and safe. Because the magnolia flower is connected with femininity, it also speaks of new beginnings and of having someone by your side all the time – which makes for a perfect tattoo idea if you want to make it represent love in its purest form.

Colors of magnolia tattoos and their meaning

Now that you know what’s behind the meaning of magnolia tattoos, it is time to take a look at its colors. You can choose to ink this design in black and white or in grayscale only which will allow you to make it better fit your skin tone. If you want to have some colors on your body then go ahead and select some colors that you like. You can choose between blue, green, purple or pink colors.

The color symbolism for this tattoo is the same as it is with the image on its own (only without any added colors). It speaks about femininity, love and purity.

Is this tattoo more suited for men or women?

You may ask yourself which gender this tattoo is more suited for? The answer is women. It may sound a bit sexist, but this tattoo design is mostly used by women because of its connection with femininity. If you are a man and you want to have this on your body then it will be more than fine, but keep in mind that this is not the most masculine tattoo design on the planet.

Designs of magnolia tattoos

As far as design goes – there can be endless variations of this tattoo idea. You can ink a full-blown image of the flower, or you can go for something more minimalistic – like some branches and leaves (which is also very beautiful).

Magnolia back tattoo
Magnolia back tattoo @kim_dot_tattoo

If you want to make your design look more feminine then you should choose a round shape and if you choose to have it on your foot, then you should go for something bigger.

Even if you choose to get a bigger tattoo and cover most of your body with this design – it will still look feminine and sexy.