Mango tattoo meaning and symbolism

The mango is a popular tattoo design, in the West as well as in Asia. The reasons for this popularity are manifold: from its delicious flesh with numerous health benefits to the many symbolic meanings it can have.

Mango arm tattoo
Mango arm tattoo @ nghe.tattooist

What’s the meaning behind mango tattoos ?

fertility, health and prosperity

In Asia especially, but also in Western countries with lots of immigrants from this part of the world, the mango is seen as a fruit of fertility, health and prosperity. Apart from its symbolism, the mango is also often seen as a phallic symbol.

maternal love

The most common use of the mango tattoo in Asia is to represent the relationship between paternal love on the one hand and maternal love on the other. It can therefore be argued that this design means family or unity through love.


Another meaning that often goes along with the mango is ‘rebirth‘. It’s not only seen as an important tree in Hindu culture, but also represents Taoist ideals of rebirth and rejuvenation. This meaning is deepest rooted in Chinese mysticism, where it symbolizes the eight immortals. The mango tattoo can therefore be interpreted to mean ‘eternal life’ and ‘lasting happiness’.


The mango can also mean friendship, as mangos frequently grow in groups and because you share the fruit with your friends. It is also a strong symbol of love, as it’s seen as an important ingredient for spicy dishes. That brings us to its last Hindu-related meaning: sensuality.

outdoor and sunshine

The mango is also frequently seen as a tattoo design for everyone who loves to go outside and enjoy life. The mango has become an icon for summer, sports, relaxation and picnics in the warm sunshine; all things that are perfect for when you’re on holiday or just want to relax at home after a hard day’s work.

Mango arm tattoo
Mango arm tattoo @ gabyunis

Different mango tattoo colors and their meanings

The symbolism of the mango tattoo also varies according to its color. This popular design can be inked in many different ways, but here are some of the most common designs:

Green mango tattoo design: the green fruit symbolizes fertility, health and prosperity.

Yellow mango tattoo design: this color is associated with sensuality, summer, sports and picnics. It can also mean friendship or love (especially between family members). And finally, it can be seen as a wish for lasting happiness.

Mango tattoo with leaves: this meaning is similar to ‘family’, as the mango tree symbolizes a strong paternal influence.

Ganesha mango tattoo design: Ganesha is an important Hindu god and he can be seen as the pioneer of all success. The leaf over his head means that the wished-for success comes straight from above.

Tattoo designs with mango flowers: these are also symbols for everlasting happiness and sensuality. In Chinese mysticism, the flower of this fruit represents the Eight Immortals.

Do mango tattoos work best on men or women?

This is a question that we have been asked a lot recently, and as such we have done some research. Mangoes are a great tattoo design for either gender because they can look good on nearly anyone due to their simple yet attractive design. Plus, the mango tattoo meaning lends itself to all kinds of designs and styles.

Mango rib tattoo
Mango rib tattoo @ michromatic