Meaning of the Heart Under Eye Tattoo

Have you ever seen a celebrity with a heart tattooed under their eye and wondered what it might mean? This tattoo design is becoming increasingly popular among stars, and it holds a lot of significance for those who choose to get it.

From pop singers like Justin Bieber, to actors like Amanda Bynes, and even musicians like Post Malone, a lot of celebrities have been spotted with an under the eye tattoo.

At first glance, the heart symbolizes love and affection, while the placement under the eye represents watchfulness and protection. Together, these two elements create a powerful message about keeping loved ones close and always watching over them.

But, the meaning of this tattoo goes beyond that, it also represents the wearer’s connection to their emotions and their ability to see the world through a lens of love and compassion.

Heart under the eye tattoo meaning in different cultures

In Western cultures, the heart is often associated with love and passion. It’s a symbol of romantic love and the connection between two people. The heart is also associated with emotions and feelings, making it a popular choice for tattoos that represent family, friends, and loved ones.

In Eastern cultures, the heart is associated with courage and strength. In Chinese culture, the heart is seen as the seat of the mind and emotions, and it is associated with the Fire element. In Japanese culture, the heart is seen as the center of one’s being and is associated with the color red, which symbolizes passion and energy.

In many ancient cultures, the heart was believed to be the seat of the soul, and it was often associated with spiritual beliefs and practices. In Egyptian culture, the heart was considered the most important organ, and it was believed to be the source of all emotions and feelings. In Aztec culture, the heart was associated with sacrifice and the idea of offering one’s heart to the gods.

In Hindu culture, the heart is considered the seat of the soul and the connection to the divine. The heart chakra, or Anahata, is the fourth chakra, and it represents love, compassion, and balance. It’s associated with the color green and is linked to the heart and lungs.

The heart under the eye tattoo holds different meanings in different cultures and traditions, but it is commonly associated with love, protection, and watchfulness. The tattoo serves as a reminder to always keep loved ones close and to protect them with everything you have, and it also serves as a reminder to stay connected to your emotions and feelings.

Design and placement

One of the most striking aspects of the heart under the eye tattoo is its placement. This tattoo is typically placed under the eye, near the cheekbone. This placement makes it highly visible and easily noticeable. It’s often said that the tattoo’s placement under the eye represents watchfulness and protection, as the eye is often associated with the idea of keeping an eye on something or someone.

The design of the heart under the eye tattoo can vary greatly. Some people choose to go for a traditional heart shape, while others opt for a more abstract or stylized design. Some people choose to incorporate other elements into their design, such as flowers, stars, or other symbols that hold personal significance to them.

A common trend is to add a small tear droplet just under the heart tattoo which is another way to express the sentiment of protection and watchfulness. Some people also like to add a small line or a dot under the heart as well.

Many people also choose to incorporate color into their heart under the eye tattoo. Some popular color choices include red, pink, and purple, which are often associated with love and passion. However, other colors, like black or blue can be used to give the tattoo a more subtle or mysterious appearance.

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Forum members and tattoo enthusiasts have shared their personal experiences with getting this tattoo. One person shared that ” I got my heart under my eye tattooed as a reminder of my mother who passed away, it’s a symbol of her love and protection that will always be with me”. Another person said ” I got my heart under my eye tattooed to remind me to always take care of myself and to love myself, it’s a constant reminder of self-care and self-love.”