Meanings of the 713 Tattoo: From Area Code to Personal Symbolism”

A 713 tattoo can have a variety of meanings, as the combination of numbers is often used to represent something personal to the person who gets the tattoo. Some possible interpretations of the 713 tattoo include its significance as an area code, its representation of a specific event or group, and its cultural significance.

The meaning of the number 713

The number 713 is a combination of the digits 7 and 13. While the number 7 is often associated with spiritual and religious themes, such as the seven days of creation in Christianity, the number 13 is often considered unlucky. Some people might get this tattoo because of the meaning that 713 has for them.

713 tattoo as a representation of an area code

One of the most common interpretations of the 713 tattoo is that it represents the area code for Houston, Texas. This area code encompasses much of the city, as well as parts of the surrounding areas. People who have a strong connection to Houston, such as those who were born and raised there or have spent a significant amount of time in the city, may choose to get a 713 tattoo as a way to show their love and pride for their hometown.

713 tattoo as a symbol of personal significance

Some people may choose to get a 713 tattoo as a symbol of personal significance. For example, it could be the date of a special event or the birthdate of a loved one. It could also be a reminder of a significant experience or a symbol of an important relationship.

Variations of the 713 tattoo design

The 713 tattoo can be designed in a variety of ways. Some people choose to get the numbers tattooed in plain text, while others prefer to incorporate other symbols or designs into the tattoo.

For example, the number 713 could be incorporated into a larger design, such as a city skyline or a flag. Some people also choose to add other numbers or symbols alongside the 713, such as a heart or a star, to give the tattoo added meaning.

The cultural significance of the number 713

In some cultures, the number 713 is considered to be lucky. For example, in Chinese culture, the number 713 is a homophone for “one road to prosperity,” making it a popular choice for tattoos.

For instance, it is a sign of good luck in Chinese culture but bad luck in Vietnamese culture. Therefore, the number 713 is not unlucky at all.


In other cultures, the number 713 may have a different significance, such as in Christianity, where the number 713 is not significant as much.

In conclusion, a 713 tattoo can have a variety of meanings, depending on the context and personal significance of the person who chooses to get the tattoo. Whether it represents an area code, a specific event or group, or a symbol of personal significance, a 713 tattoo can be a powerful way to express one’s identity and show pride in their hometown or personal history.