Medjai tattoo meaning and symbolism

An Egyptian tattoo such as the Medjai tattoo is extremely popular among young people. The design of this tattoo features a man with an eye on his palm and the head of a snake on his shoulder.

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The designs for this type of tattoos was created in the movie “The Mummy” which included these two characters: Ardeth Bay and Imhotep. These tattoos had become increasingly popular ever since that movie had been released, but they actually appeared earlier than that, in one or more scenes from “The Scorpion King”.

This is one of the most common symbols for tattoos because it makes a very attractive piece when done correctly. Of course some small alterations can be made but generally speaking the Medjai design consists of these two characters.

The man with the eye on his palm has the name of Medjai written over him, which can be translated into English as “guardian“. He also has a tattoo under his eye that makes it look like he is winking at you. Some people believe that this symbol represents an evil character because this type of tattoos are usually done in black and red ink which represent both good and evil.

On the other hand, others think that this represents strength because getting such tattoos requires courage and inner strength. The snake head on the shoulder is considered to be very important, but what does it really mean?

Well… The answer might not please everybody but I will go ahead anyway. It means fertility! This is why this type of tattoos are done on the shoulders, because it’s an area that is known to enhance fertility.

More precisely, the snake head design represent the penis and the phallus which increases fertility in men and women! Some people might think that this symbol represents evil but generally speaking it’s something good especially if you get these two designs together… However, not everybody agrees with me on this one. The Medjai tattoo meaning and symbolism can mean a lot of things depending on how each individual interprets them so I hope you find what you’re looking for in here.