Merkaba tattoo meaning and symbolism

The merkaba (also spelled Merkabah) is a mystical symbol that represents the human soul. Throughout history, it has been used in many different religions and cultures around the world, but most notably in Judaism and other Abrahamic faiths. Both its name and shape are derived from ancient Jewish sources, which associate it with divine revelation and ascension to heaven.

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In this article, we’ll go through what the merkaba tattoo is, where it comes from and its significance in different religions.

We’ll also look at some of the most beautiful and meaningful merkaba tattoo designs and meanings. So let’s get started…

The Mystical Merkaba or “Vehicle of Ascension”

Mer-ka-bah (which sometimes gets spelled as Merkabah) is a word originating from the Hebrew language, which refers to a “chariot” or “vehicle”. The word merkaba (or Merkava) refers to the chariot in Heaven mentioned in Ezekiel 1:1-28.

The merkaba is also considered as th e mystical body of God, containing within it all forms and elements of creation, thus making up our own spiritual bodies.

The two interlocking tetrahedrons of the merkaba are believed to act as a spiritual vehicle by which one can travel toward the higher realms of existence. This is why some people consider it as representing ascension, or enlightenment.

The Merkaba’s Forms and Meanings Throughout History

For many ancient civilizations, the merkaba represented a chariot or vehicle that carried important deities through space and time. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the merkaba was a sun-chariot used by their gods to cross back and forth between heaven and earth. It was pulled by four horses, representing the elements fire (red), water (white), air (blue) and earth (yellow). You can see some examples of this in the Egyptian mythology section below.

In Hebrew mysticism during the Middle Ages, rabbis considered the merkaba to represent God’s energetic body, which is made up of the 10 Sephirot powers that are used to understand and control reality.

In many other spiritual belief systems, especially Buddhism and Hinduism, the merkaba represents a personís individual spirit or energy circulating throughout their chakras. Many Buddhists believe that Buddha sits inside a flower with six white petals (the flower of life), which is surrounded by positive energies inside a shining halo referred to as his merkaba.

Even though all these different forms have different meanings behind them, they are all very similar at their core. All of them symbolize a dimensional “vehicle” that helps us ascend and thereby unite with the divine.

Let’s take a look at some different meanings and symbolism behind this very unique symbol:

Symbolism in Christianity and Judaism

In accordance to Christian mysticism, Jesus is believed to be the light, or his merkaba. It was said that when you are near him, he glows like the sun which represents the inner light within all people. This exactly resembles what other religious texts say about God’s merkaba making its way toward Earth during times of enlightenment rather than destruction (see more info on Nibiru below). Moreover, it is said that when one walks in total darkness without sin, Jesus’ light will guide them as their own merkaba, making it possible to ascend to heaven before death. In this sense, the light represents a divine connection that’s obtained through faith or enlightenment.

In Judaism

Some believe that the figure of Moses was created from God’s glowing merkaba when he descended from Mount Sinai and witnessed him for 40 days and nights (a story which is also mentioned in Christian texts).

Many different mystical branches consider the merkaba as:

– A vehicle for enlightenment so one can join with the creative source of all things.

– A geometric shape spread out across multiple dimensions and planes of reality. This includes our spiritual existence, 3D physical world and parallel universes such as those described in some quantum physics theories.

– A template for the spiritual body which is used to create the material world around us (which includes our physical bodies).

According to various sources, if we want to heal and help humanity during its current time of need, we must first open up and activate our own merkaba vehicles (and yes this means activating your third eye chakra!) The reason for this is that there’s a cosmic event known as “the great awakening” happening right now on Earth under the surface.

This event will bring about new levels of enlightenment and higher consciousness so all can ascend. It’s believed that our personal merkaba’s will connect with others around us to form a collective vessel or vehicle of ascension called the “world merkaba” which will then connect with all other parallel world merkabas across the universe.

Once this energetic merger takes place, humanity will be able to emit an enormous amount of positive energy together to create a galactic ascension portal that’s referred to in some Buddhist texts as Sambhogakaya. This is sometimes referred to as a stargate or wormhole that can help us ascend into a higher state of being and consciousness if we have sufficiently raised our individual vibrations first.