Merman tattoo meaning and symbolism

Mermen tattoos are extremely attractive and gorgeous. They have swag, strength and fantasy associated with them. In earlier times, mermen were used as a symbol of good luck charm to safeguard the wearer from all types of dangers at sea. Today, mermen tattoos have become a very popular design among men who want to get inked on their skin.

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The upper half of the body resembles that of a prince which makes mermen tattoos extremely eye-catchy. The lower half is covered with scales and they are believed to have an aquatic habitat. They are male sea creatures with the head, torso and arms of human beings, but fins along their waistline resembling those of fishes. They are powerfully built and have very intense facial expressions.

Triton is another name for mermen which means “the one above”. Tritons were the attendants of Poseidon in Greek mythology. They are associated with the god of sea and are believed to have mastery over the creatures that exist in the sea. They were shown holding a conch shell or a trumpet, which was used by them to calm down or alert the troubled waters. The merman symbolizes such power and authority. Thus people who want to project themselves as powerful individuals like celebrities, sports stars and politicians prefer to get inked with this design.

Who wears merman tattoos ?

People, specifically men, who love and respect the sea and her creatures and people who want to get inked with a powerful design come forward to get mermen tattoos. They are also worn by people who believe in defending themselves from all kinds of dangers. The adventurous kind of personality loves these tattoos because they symbolize the power and courage to fight all odds in life.

The merman tattoo meaning varies with the location on which it is drawn. Some people wear them to show that they are naturally inclined towards sea creatures while some others get inked to symbolize their true love towards mermaids or water in general. It has also become a trend to ink the lower half of the body as a merman and the upper half as a human.

Another reason could be because the wearer simply loves these creatures and wants to pay homage to their true form. This type of mermen tattoos is especially popular with those who prefer simplicity in designs and colors. Like other types of tattoo, this one too can have different symbolism depending on the motive behind wearing them.

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The common symbols used in mermen tattoos are dolphins, shells, galleons or ships, swordfish etc. The concept of mermaids is much like that of mermen; the only difference being their lower half which resembles that of a fish instead of human legs.

If you are a fan of these creatures, then they make excellent tattoos.