Miffy tattoo meaning and symbolism

Miffy is a very popular Dutch character and the protagonist of many stories. She has been drawn by Dick Bruna for more than fifty years, and she is recognizable all over the world.

Her image has become iconic and cultural references can be found in tattoos, posters, apps for children… Dick Bruna published his first Miffy story in 1955. Miffy lives in a little white house with her parents and a black cat called “Willie”.

The stories revolve around Miffy’s daily life, surrounded by nature. In the form of letters, Dick Bruna tells us about Miffy’s birthday parties, school plays or holidays.

Miffy has a simple life with her parents and her cat in a beautiful, sunny environment. She is very small and the size of the images is significantly reduced in tattoos to fit people’s bodies.

Miffy’s shape and color are very simple. This makes her easy to draw and it appeals especially to children, but adults love her as well.

Miffy arm tattoo
Miffy arm tattoo @ emmareevesluker

The meaning behind Miffy tattoos

There is a great variety of tattoos based on Miffy: some people take one of the many images already existing, others prefer to get inked with their own drawing or choose a vectorized Miffy image.

This character can be associated with many different meanings: some choose Miffy because they had read the book with their parents when they were children.

Others want a simple and childlike tattoo, some women get Miffy to show that they have a sense of simplicity in their lives or that they are patient and loving, just like the little rabbit.

Miffy tattoos can also be seen as a way of showing people’s links to their roots: many people get inked with Miffy to pay tribute to their Dutch roots. Moreover, the artist Dick Bruna is from Utrecht…

Miffy tattoos are very popular amongst people of all ages, especially those who grew up reading the stories about this little rabbit!

Do Miffy tattoos work best on men or women?

Miffy tattoos are rather feminine, although there is no reason men can’t wear one too. The colors used in the Miffy books and images represent happiness (yellow for sunshine and green for nature), which makes them perfect for women!

As we have seen previously, these tattoos do not necessarily need to be drawn directly from the original images. The good thing about this is that women can choose to be inked with something more masculine, depending on their personality and preferences (one Miffy image might not necessarily represent them).

Miffy tattoos are especially popular amongst mothers who want to show the world how much they love their children!

Miffy tattoo design ideas and meanings

There are many tattoos inspired by the Miffy book and character. The most popular images used in tattoo designs include:

– Miffy with her parents, letter for “Love” written on the drawing.

– A green bunny created with simple lines and three hearts representing happiness (the green color).

– Another vectorized image of a green bunny with a long body and a short tail.

– A more simple image of Miffy playing with her ball in the grass.

There are also many people who have altered some of the existing images to suit their tattoos better: they might add something from their lives, as their name or as a date associated with an important moment.

For example, some people get Miffy’s head tattooed on their body along with the letter “M” for Miffy or “Mom”. Others choose to have a tattoo of one of her hands holding a heart.

Miffy arm tattoo
Miffy arm tattoo @ hiacyntaa

Wrap up

Miffy tattoos are not as popular as other characters from children’s books. however, they have been gaining more and more popularity in recent years.

The simplicity of this character has made it a tattoo favorite amongst those who love the classic Miffy images! Some people also decide to alter some existing tattoos to make them their own.