Monopoly Man (Pennybags) Tattoo Meaning

If you’re a fan of The Monopoly board game and have been looking for the perfect tattoo design, look no further than the Monopoly Man! Originally drawn by Lizzy Magie, this classic black and white figure is now a staple in any tattoo artist’s repertoire.

monopoly man tattoo

A monopoly man tattoo is a symbol that represents wealth and success . It is often depicted as an old businessman in a suit, running with a stack of money in his hands.Even though this symbol is associated with wealth and luck, it can be interpreted differently by different people. For example you might represent family during the holidays.

Monopoly man tattoos are often seen on the wrists or chest, and they come mostly in black color.

What are some reasons why people might want to get this tat? Find out more surprising answers in the rest of this blog post

Monopoly man tattoo meanings and symbolism

1) Luck and good fortune

monopoly man tattoo

He represents the luck of the game and all of the money players spend to play, which they ultimately don’t win. Sometimes this luck can lead to success and riches when you land on a property you want or can afford to buy, but most of the time people end up losing. At least he made it onto our tats when we lost at Monopoly.

2. Hustle and Success


The Monopoly man is synonymous with success and progress. People who have it usually believe that they have achieved all the materialistic things their heart desires

3. bank Robery

He represents an important part of the game – bank robin, which is a banker when you visit a property.

monopoly man tattoo

4. The future

The Monopoly man tattoo represents the future and the path to riches. Maybe this is an omen of a long and happy life, or maybe it means that you will be a single person working in an office for all your life or running after women that you can’t have.

monopoly man tattoo

It’s hard to say exactly what people represent with their tattoos: they are mainly just symbols to represent themselves through their tattoos.

5. Family

The Monopoly man (Pennybags) can also mean something in your life that you want to get rid of – a person or a situation. Perhaps you want to give up on a bad job and find better, or maybe you need to get rid of your old boyfriend and move on. Whatever the situation, it means that if you get this tattoo, then it’s only temporary. It will disappear, just like the game itself when someone wins.


6) The Monopoly Man shows great resistance and effort in fending off the evil banker, even though he may be outclassed by his opponent. If you want to get the Monopoly Man tattoo for this reason, it denotes your need for luck and for strength in opposition.

Pimp monopoly man tattoo

7) He is also a symbol of risk and pain. He has been hurt by all the beating his face takes from the rolling dice and has received some small cuts from all of the carnage his board game opponents have caused. This can represent the emotions experienced during stressful times or in your relationships.