Moonflower tattoo meaning and symbolism

moonflower tattoos are an undeniably enchanting tattoo choice. There’s something magical about watching the moonflowers magically open and close every night, like they were alive. The flower has many associations with other things (children, femininity etc.) but in this article we’re going to be focusing on the moonflower tattoo – its meaning, symbolism and history.

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Moonflowers are also known as j night-blooming moonflower, queen of the night, or tromp l’oeil. The botanical name for them is ‘calonyction aculeatum’ – what a mouthful! They’re named after their resemblance to the moon – round and reflective.

Also some say that they look like two kissing faces 😀

moonflower tattoo meanings

The moonflower is often seen as a symbol of the night, mysticism and enchantment. They’re also sometimes associated with children (first or second birthdays) because their fragrance is said to bring on early childhood memories – this could be why they are also said to be able to bring on labour for expectant mothers.

The flower is also used as a symbol of femininity, and it’s long association with sleep and dreams makes it an appropriate choice for those who are fascinated by the unknown or wish to recall their own mysterious childlike wonder. The moonflower has also been used as a love token for centuries, between lovers or used to remember someone who is no longer with us.

moon and moonflowers and were symbols in ancient Mesopotamian culture. They were often presented as gifts between lovers during the full moon, when they would open up completely.

Moonflower symbolism is also said to come from an ancient Indian myth – the story of a prince who was turned into a die flower by his father after he found his son was in love with a commoner. The princess picked the flower and was able to see her lover as he really was, and dedicated her life to preserving his memory and making sure that others could enjoy them too.

Moonflowers also have spiritual significance in Buddhism – it’s said that Buddha meditated under a moonflower before achieving enlightenment.

The moonflower tattoo can also stand for other things too – it’s very personal to you and what you believe in, so make sure that your meaning is a reflection of this.

moonflower tattoo designs & ideas

there are many variations on the design for a moonflower tattoo , but they all typically contain some kind of curved line, representing the petals. The lines can be thick or thin, and they can mesh together in a way that gives the illusion of movement – like the flower is opening up.

The center of most moonflowers contains circular shapes, but these aren’t always present. They could be removed to make the design look more realistic and flow better, or they could be used as an outline for another design to create a cohesive look. For example, you could have one that looks like it’s opening up, with the center serving as an outline for a dragonfly to sit inside.

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The dark blue color of moonflowers is very striking – especially when contrasted against light skin like the model’s for this design. It looks like it has some kind of magical energy swirling around inside, which makes it perfect for people who are drawn to the unknown.

Another popular choice is to use the color purple instead of blue, as this has a very calm and serene feel and can signify femininity (but be careful if you’re looking for a tattoo with deep religious symbolism).

This version is more detailed than some, but all of the same elements are there – round shapes to represent the flower petals and an outline for the center.

You can also leave the negative space in the design as a kind of open work, so that it’s more mysterious – with some elements missing and giving it an unfinished look. This works particularly well around the edges of the tattoo to give it a faded effect, as though it is starting to fade away.