Namazu tattoo meaning and symbolism

Namazu is a giant catfish living beneath the earth, which causes earthquakes when it moves.

According to Japanese mythology, Namazu lives in the mud beneath the earth. When he thrashes around angrily, earthquakes occur. The god Kashima holds Namazu down with a giant rock so he can’t cause trouble.

When you combine symbols for catfish and god, the result is the symbol 撓 (namazu). It means to give in to temptation or be flexible.

Namazu leg tattoo
Namazu leg tattoo @ ryangagnetattoo

So, what is the meaning behind Namazu tattoos?

There are a few theories about the meaning of namazu tattoos. It may be that the tattoo represents flexibility and non-violence towards others, just like how Kashima holds down Namazu with a rock.

Other sources say that since earthquakes cause so much fear and anxiety for people, namazu tattoos symbolize power and stability or the power to bring peace.

The concept of namazu tattoos has been popularized by Japanese movies such as Tekken and The Last Samurai, where namazu tattoo designs can be spotted on the characters’ backs.

Who should get a Namazu tattoo ? and who shouldn’t

Namazu tattoos are good for people who give in to temptation or allow themselves to be flexible in life.They can also act as reminders to stay focused and keep grounded.

Namazu tattoos are not great for people who struggle with anger issues or violence.

Swinging a giant rock around might make things difficult when they encounter someone else in the path of their wrath. It’s best if you avoid getting Namazu tattoos if you struggle with anger management.

Namazu tattoos are thought to be lucky, but they can bring out the worst of your anger. Make sure you know how to control it before getting this tattoo.

The tattoo is mostly worn by men, but it can be worn by women too.

Namazu tattoos are usually large designs that cover the whole back or at least a good part of it.

It’s also not unheard of for people to have small namazu tattoos on other parts of their bodies.

Namazu tattoo colors and their meanings

Namazu tattoos are usually black ink. However, some tattoo artists are now experimenting with color tattoos of namazu designs.

Here are the meanings behind the different colors of namazu tattoos.

  • Black Namazu Tattoos: Black ink tattoos are popular with men because they’re simple and bold. It’s also associated with bad luck when worn by women. This means that ladies should avoid getting black ink namazu tattoos or wear them in areas not easily visible by other people.
  • Blue Namazu Tattoos: The color blue is associated with peace and truth. It’s also said that wearing a namazu tattoo in blue can ward off evil spirits. This makes it an ideal color for namazu tattoos if you’re looking to bring peace to a situation.
  • Green Namazu Tattoos: The color green symbolizes nature and growth, which makes the color a good choice if you’re looking for a tattoo that brings fertility and abundance to your life.
  • Golden Namazu Tattoos: The color gold is associated with wealth and power. If you’re looking for an empowering tattoo to show the world that you’re ready to face any challenge in life, golden namazu tattoos are a great choice.
  • Red Namazu Tattoos: The color red symbolizes passion and determination. It’s a popular choice for people who want tattoos with warm, vibrant colors.
  • White Namazu Tattoos: White is associated with purity and innocence. If you’re looking for a tattoo that lets the world know how innocent you are, this is a good color to get.

Namazu tattoo design ideas and their meanings

Namazu tattoos are often done in traditional Japanese style. This means that they are typically black and grey or with some red elements.

As mentioned before, Namazu tattoos can signify flexibility and non-violence towards others.

If you want to represent this meaning of the tattoo in your design, include some circles or other shapes representing both heaven and earth. You could also give the person holding the Namazu a sash to represent Kashima.

You could also try out some very traditional Ukiyo-e tattoos, which are characterized by simple designs and strong lines.

It is also common for Namazu tattoos to take the shape of the kanji 撓, which means flexibility or bending.

Instead of representing namazu with other symbols, you could also choose to represent it using the kanji 尼 (namazu).

Golden Namazu leg tattoo
Golden Namazu leg tattoo @ rodrigoluz_tattoo